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    Silversea takes you closer to the treasures of the Mediterranean

    Silversea takes you closer to the treasures of the Mediterranean

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    Sponsored by Silversea

    From the iconic highlights and hidden gems through the French and Italian rivieras to the Greek Isles and Iberian Peninsula, Silversea’s small ships access the least-travelled ports as well as the majors – all with an unparalleled 30-years of expertise. 

    Beyond the monuments and museums, Silversea invites you to experience every brightly tiled coastline and rustic streetscape from an insider’s perspective, from the architectural marvels that whisper tales of bygone eras to present-day cuisine infused with aeons of tradition. With their 2025 Mediterranean Collection you’ll be spoilt for choice with more than 80 carefully crafted itineraries offering you the most authentic local experiences. Choose summer or low season for a journey of discovery like no other. 

    Imagine sapphire waters or cobblestone streets, the world’s great medieval cities and culture-laden towns. Then add fine-dining, sophisticated spa treatments, snuggle-inducing Italian bed linens and butler service, and you have a cruise that redefines life on an ocean wave. All that and more entices travellers on Mediterranean voyages aboard Silversea’s elegant small ships, which cleverly combine spaciousness with an impressive range of amenities such as expansive suites, full-service spa, a wide choice of restaurants, personalised service and upmarket enrichment programs. Explore infinite possibilities with your choice of seven ships in this region, each with luxurious amenities, 24-hour butler service and panoramic ocean view suites ranging from just 137 to 364 suites. 

    Silver Ray arrives in the Med this summer

    Silver Ray will call the Mediterranean home during the European summer 2024 and 2025, bringing a new light to this region that takes its living so seriously. Building on the shining success of Silver Nova in 2023, Silversea’s second Nova-class ship, Silver Ray, is a guiding light for the future of ultra-luxury travel. With her bold, asymmetrical design, she features wide open spaces and breathtaking views of your destination, everywhere you look. Novel, indulgent luxury experiences will make your voyage unforgettable, while state-of-the- art technologies and a new approach to sustainability ensure respect for the environment, wherever and whenever you sail. 

    On board Silver Ray you’ll find an unrivalled variety of exquisite dining choices, with eight restaurants, from formal to casual, larger to more intimate. But the numbers tell only half the story, as many are available early morning to late evening and feature an incredible variety of cuisines, from international to French, Italian, Japanese and more. Bon appétit! 

    The Mediterranean is synonymous with the pleasures of the table. From the seafood bounty of the coast to its sunbaked lands flowing with olive oil and wine, the region is world famous for canonical dishes and advancements on the frontiers of gastronomy. An exquisite foodie adventure comes to life through Silversea’s immersive S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) culinary program. Embark on a S.A.L.T. excursion ashore and be accompanied by local food experts who explain the intricacies of Mediterranean cuisine. Travel through the culinary history of Barcelona. Tour a Michelin-starred restaurant’s private garden. Or maybe relish an Italian Feast on the Tuscan Hills with one of Italy’s most talented young chefs. Try one, or do them all.

    Discover the wonder of the Western Med

    Small charismatic ports and big cities bursting with la dolce vita await with Silver Ray offering 5- to 12- day itineraries through the Western Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea, with highlights including Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca, Sicily and the Greek Islands. Itineraries seamlessly combine so you can extend your voyage and uncover even more of the region in unparalleled ultra-luxury comfort.

    Among Silver Ray’s 2025 Western Mediterranean itineraries is a 11-day Barcelona to Rome (Civitavecchia) voyage with multiple departure dates between April and July. This region features a fascinating mix of architecture, from Gothic and Renaissance to Baroque. Visit picturesque coastal villages, explore the blend of modern and traditional styles in Saint-Tropez and Nice, and soak up the coastal scenery from rugged landscapes to pristine beaches, with innumerable opportunities for discovery and relaxation.

    Ask your personal travel manager about the luxury cruises on sale today!


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