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    Travelling the trek less taken

    Travelling the trek less taken

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    We’re sure you’ve heard of Mount Everest, Mount Kosciuszko, the Inca Trail and Mount Kilimanjaro. Flooded by thousands of tourists a year, some might prefer to opt for a trek off the beaten track. A personal travel manager can help put your foot in the right direction for your own trekking adventure and deliver true value for money.

    Cinque Terre-Italy

    Made up of five beautiful lands, Italy’s Cinque Terre offers a spectacular day trek for those who love to stop and smell the roses, literally. Starting in Monterosso and ending in Riomaggiore, this 10km trek will take you over sweeping views of the Mediterranean. Along the way you will stop at the village of Vernazza, where you can find ancient stone buildings and alleyways. This is the perfect place to grab a piece of pizza before continuing on to the next village of Corniglia. Rewind in Corniglia’s serene setting, aligned with flower gardens and churches. The end of the trek leads you on the Via Dell’amore, also known as the path of love, where you can take in the well-deserved Mediterranean sunset.

    Exit Glacier-Alaska

    There are very few glaciers you can stroll to without having to be a pro- athlete. With only a 30-minute walk you can come face to face with Alaska’s Exit Glacier. At the beginning of the trek you will walk on the trail through the forest, where you’ll get to see the gradual melting of the glacier and learn about its vegetation. Making for a great photo opportunity, capture the glacier’s deep blue ice on the edge of the glacier trail. Just watch out for mountain goats and grizzly bears!

    Fira to Oia-Greece

    Santorini is renowned for its stunning caldera cliff sides and white crescent buildings. The 12km walk from Fira to Oia along the cliff tops is the best way to capture the beauty of this island. You can stop at any time for a refreshing Greek-style “frappe” as you walk leisurely on the cobble footpaths past churches and the view of the islands volcano. Finally making it to Oia, you can enjoy a relaxing dinner while watching the famous Santorini sunset.

    Sierra de Aitana-Spain

    The Sierra de Aitana is a best-kept secret located in the striking mountainous province of Alicante, Spain. Leading you on traditional footpaths, this trek offers panoramic views of the stunning rocky peaks and steep valleys. Although this is an 8-day trek, tour operators offer a gentle walk overlooking the glistening Spanish Mediterranean and accommodation among beautiful valleys.

    The Lost World and Angel Falls-Venezuela

    Located in Venezuela, discover this Lost World and follow the 6-day trek to the summit of Roraima. Along the way you can immerse yourself in the vast jungle canopy and remote Indian communities. This trek ends on a memorable river journey to Angel Falls, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall.


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    Image courtesy of Greek National Tourism Organisation


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