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    The best camel treks around the world

    The best camel treks around the world

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    Camel trekking around the world 

    A leisurely trek perched atop a camel is the perfect way to experience many of the world’s most stunning desert landscapes. There’s something for every type of traveller in the tours below – from adventurous camping and arduous bushwalks, to the comfort of hotels and historical sites. Contact your local personal travel manager, who can tailor the perfect camel trekking tour for you.


    Alongside Morocco, Egypt is one of the most well-known and popular destinations for camel trekking in the world, and with good reason.  A tour atop the hump of a camel is the ideal way to explore all of the dramatic natural scenery that Egypt has to offer – through deep desert valleys, over the peaks of mountains, and occasionally stumbling upon a tranquil, blue-green oasis, contrasting against the orange and yellow hues of the desert sand. An eight day tour also offers a fascinating insight into the customs and cultures of the Bedouin people of the desert, as they share stories over cups of traditional herbal tea. Another highlight of the tour includes a trek up to a spectacular clifftop lookout, with sweeping views right across the Sinai desert,


    Rising more than 50 metres from the sandy ground, the dunes of the Moroccan Sahara Desert are the perfect landscape for exploring by leisurely camel trek. For those with a lot of energy, there are plenty of opportunities to give the camels a break, and explore the spectacular surroundings on foot. Enjoy an unforgettable sunrise, from the height of a deep yellow-orange sand dune, watching the complementary hues and colours as day breaks over the Desert. Camel treks in Morocco can last from anywhere from two days right up to two weeks, and as you camp in the desert you’ll also get a taste for the country – literally – with traditional Bedouin food such as tangine, served freshly cooked from an open desert fire every evening.


    A camel tour in China is a great way to experience a famous path upon an entirely unique mode of transport, by trekking by camel along the iconic Silk Road. Taking place in the west of the country, typical stopover points include the ancient town of Dunhuang, the ruins of Yumenguan and concluding in Hechang, although fully customised options are also available. The humble camel has actually played a highly important role in the development of transport throughout China’s epic history, connecting China with Europe and the rest of the world for thousands of years. A camel trek along the Silk Road allows for a step back in time, and a greater appreciation for the past of this fascinating land.


    The remote coastal paradise of Broome in Western Australia is the place that usually first comes to mind when considering a camel ride in a more local location, but there are in fact many other places in the country from which to avoid a leisurely trek. The vast arid landscapes in the Northern Territory are one excellent destination, with camel treks also offering the chance to explore the most remote reaches of the Australian outback, and embark on challenging bushwalks as well. Camel trekking in the Northern Territory is quite literally off the beaten track, not following any set trail or path, making each and every trip a unique experience.    Some treks even extend to the Queensland border, passing through rivers, creeks, lake systems, with each evening bringing  a seemingly ever-more dramatic sunset over the emptiness of the huge desert plains.


    Kenya may be more well known for its amazing array of wildlife of a different variety, offering a dazzling array of safari experiences, featuring spotting of elephants, lions and wildebeest. But one of Kenya’s best-kept secrets is the incredible camel safari, in and around the Ngorongoro Crater area. The five day camel safari is perfect for those who want a real adventure, with evenings spent camping and sleeping under the dark night sky, endlessly dotted with tiny sparkling stars. You can also choose to walk alongside the camels for part of, or the entirety of the trek, if you prefer. The Kenyan camel safari is made all the more unique by the cries and calls of the creatures of the wild every evening, from the cackling caw of the packs of hyenas in the distance, to the rustling through the trees of the nearby zebra – sounds that  can’t be heard on any other camel trek anywhere in the world.

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    Image – www.trekkingmorocco.com


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