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    The best walking tours in Eastern Europe

    The best walking tours in Eastern Europe

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    Walking tours are becoming increasingly popular amongst travellers as they become the best way to see a city while getting fresh air and meeting locals. Walking tours are often guided by a local to give travellers the chance to start learning a new language and to discover more about the history, background and community of a city. Using your own personal travel manager will help you scope out the best walking tours around the countries you want to visit.

    Athens, Greece

    Exploring this incredible city on foot is a must as it provides the best way to get a true feel for its 3,000-year-old history. There is a vast array of walking tours across the city to cater to different languages, group sizes and ages. By walking through the city travellers will discover all the facts, myths, legends and secrets that a guidebook can’t offer. Walking to the lookout across from the famous Parthenon will give travellers a view one can only dream of.

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Getting around Prague is best done on foot as the beautifully old cobbled stone streets and laneways are not always accessible by bus. Tour guides meet in the Old Town Square and share knowledge on many of the old heritage buildings, sights and districts of the city. With Prague offering the largest castle in the world, many walking tours of the city will take travellers on a journey around the grounds, enabling them to take in the neo-Gothic wonder and views over other celebrated sights such as the Vltava River spanned by the spectacular Charles Bridge and the National Theatre from above the roof line.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    There is a particularly prestigious walking tour company in Sofia called ‘Free Sofia Tour’. The tour explores over 35 different historical landmarks around the city. On your walking tour you can uncover the hidden secrets and local customs of this 7,000-year-old capital city, such as the practice of people shaking their heads in approval rather than nodding. The second oldest city in Europe, Sofia is well worth exploring on foot.

    Zagreb, Croatia

    The beautiful city of Zagreb offers wonderful walking tours to immerse travellers in the history and splendor of Croatia’s largest metropolis. These tours are sure to include all of the famous and interesting sights, such as the Upper Town, the Dolac Market and also often involves lovely traditional tastings of food and drink specialties. There are many parts of the city that have lasted since the Middle Ages and the history surrounding the city will constantly inspire any traveller, and give wonderful insight into this old European city.


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    Image courtesy of Greek National Tourism Organisation


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