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    The most unique hotels in the world

    The most unique hotels in the world

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    If you’ve heard the saying if you’ve seen one hotel room, you’ve seen them all, then these unique hotels could be just the ticket for those looking for something beyond the usual standard suite. From underwater resorts to ice resorts, there is a new offering for the experience focused traveller who is looking for a hotel that is more than a place to rest their head at night. A personal travel manager is the best guide to help you find a unique place to stay on your next holiday.

    Safari Glamping – South Africa
    Experiencing South African wildlife need not only happen in the comfort of a safari jeep. For the adventurous traveller, the option of Glamping has emerged in South Africa at the Marataba Safari Lodge. A cross between traditional camping with a luxury twist, this option allows travellers to sleep out in the wild in stunning tents that include stone bathrooms and living areas. With such exposure to the wilderness, the chance to see the wonderous wildlife of South Africa is higher than ever. Marataba Safari Lodge is committed to providing guests with an experience that exposes them to as much wilderness as possible. The aim is to impart to importance of sustainability and conservation of the rare wilderness.

    The Free Spirit Spheres – Vancouver Island, Canada
    Set among the tall trees of the West Coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Free Spirit Spheres has taken the idea of a childhood tree house to another level. Their sphere shaped tree houses are handcrafted from sustainable materials and suspended like pendants with a web of rope. Each sphere is made of a different material and has a different theme. The spheres create a truly immersive experience into the local environment, allowing guests to unwind in nature and release their inner Tarzan.

    ICEHOTEL – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
    Stay in the world’s first and largest hotel built of ice and snow. Located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, ICEHOTEL is a one of a kind experience for the traveller who isn’t put off by the cold. Select artists and designers redesign the hotel to create a new experience each year. Only open between December and mid-April, ICEHOTEL gives travellers the experience to view the northern lights and enjoy the tranquillity of the unique surroundings.  Although these rooms may be -5 degrees, once you jump into the sleeping bags it’s a warm and cosy environment.

    Husky Lodge – Switzerland
    Dog lovers rejoice, this Swiss hotel is a haven for dog lovers who want to get some puppy play time with Siberian Huskies. Guests sleep in dormitory style wood cabins next to the canine kennels. The wood cabins are rustic, yet comfortable with the basic amenities all covered in style. During the day guests join the dogs in their training runs and race through snow trails on sleds or wheeled carts during summer. At the end of the day, guests can spend some quality time with the pups before retiring to a woodfire stove in their cabin.


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