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    The Virgin Voyages approach to food on board

    The Virgin Voyages approach to food on board

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    Sponsored by Virgin Voyages

    With 20+ unique eateries whose offerings have electrified the industry and earned praise from publications across the map, the only problem you’ll have is picking the right place to dine each night.


    So what’s on the menu?

    According to Virgin Voyages, the journey to bringing such a different approach to food on the open sea was not a short one; it began with years of ideation with top land-based chefs, culminating in a collective decision on a menu concept.

    “Food and drink were a big priority from the beginning,” explains Charles Steadman, Director of Virgin Voyages’ Food & Beverage Experience. “Once a concept is in a good place, we identify the culinary recipe needs. After a couple review sessions and alignment with the consulting chef, they come to Miami to test recipes and cook with our Director of Culinary Development, Levi Mezick, in our test kitchen space.”

    On most cruise ships, one larger central galley (or kitchen, for land-lubbers) would be used for the preparation of all food on board. On Virgin Voyages ships, each of their eateries has its own separate galley dedicated specifically to the dishes of that particular restaurant. This contributes to the distinctness of the flavours and energies they offer — and to the willingness that some of the world’s most exciting culinary minds have shown to be part of a cruise line’s food concept.


    Not just the best food on the ocean…

    With an enviable wine collection, you’re sure to find a new favourite, and the drink excellence isn’t limited to wine. One of their bartenders, Edgar Pacheco, was named World Class Cruise Bartender of the Year in a competition run by spirits industry giant Diageo.

    Virgin Voyages have explicitly tried to make a name for themselves by working with the top minds in every industry — and their food and drink offerings on board reflect this commitment to excellence. As Silvana Salcido Esparza, pioneer of Mexican cuisine and the brains behind the menu at Pink Agave, put it, “It [was] a no-brainer for me to partner up with Virgin Voyages. Virgin Voyages stands alone in quality and branding. Nothing short of pure quality.”


    Ready to get a taste? Speak to your personal travel manager about booking a Virgin Voyages cruise.


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