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    The world’s best flower blossom experiences

    The world’s best flower blossom experiences

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    From immaculately planted rows of rainbow-hued tulips to the artistry of wildflower meadows created by Mother Nature’s own hand, we think these are the world’s best flower blossom experiences:

    1. Cherry Blossoms, Japan

    <em>Cherry blossom in Japan</em>

    Cherry blossom in Japan

    Stroll through any Japanese park during springtime and you’ll find a landscape blanketed in soft, snowy folds of delicate shades of pink, courtesy of the thousands of trees cloaked in spring blossoms. Japan’s cherry trees, known as “sakura“, provide a breathtaking spectacle that captivates locals and visitors alike. The tradition of cherry blossom viewing, or Hanami, is not just about the beauty of the phenomenon: it’s also about acknowledging the symbolism of renewal and the transient nature of life. Whether you’re hiking through remote forests adorned with wild cherry trees or joining thousands of other flower-fanciers for a lantern-lit picnic in a Kyoto park, cherry blossom season in Japan is all about fostering a sense of joy, camaraderie and an appreciation of nature’s gifts. The timing of the cherry blossom festival varies across the country, but the flowering trees are generally at their most spectacular some time in early April.

    2. Wildflowers, Western Australia

    Beginning in late winter and stretching into early summer (typically between September and November), vast swathes of Western Australia transform into a riot of colours and scents as wildflowers blanket the landscape. From Margaret River to Kalbarri National Park, carpets of everlastings, kangaroo paws, banksias and other unique types of flowers paint the countryside with hues ranging from vivid reds and yellows to delicate blues and whites. A guided wildflower tour led by local experts is a great way to experience this annual phenomenon, taking you to prime wildflower viewing locations and providing in-depth knowledge about the flowers and their ecosystems. The Cape to Cape Track near Cape Naturaliste is a great option if you want to combine a love of hiking with spectacular natural scenery

    3. Tulip Festival, Netherlands

    <em>Tulip Festival in Netherlands</em>

    Tulip Festival in Netherlands

    The Netherlands is renowned for its annual spring tulip season, in which both countryside and city parks are decked out in millions of vibrant blooms. At its heart is the annual tulip festival centred around the Keukenhof Gardens, where meticulously landscaped flower beds showcase an astonishing array of old favourites and new innovations in a rainbow of colours. Venture further into the Dutch countryside to find expansive flower fields – a boat tour through the tranquil waterways of the Lisse region is one of our favourite ways to experience this spectacle. Browse the local markets for Dutch crafts, traditional foods, and tulip-related souvenirs, and enjoy music performances, and art installations and parades. The festival typically takes place from late March to early May, but mid-April is when you’re likely to find the tulips in peak bloom.

    4. Lavender Fields, Provence

    As summer unfolds across southern France, the warm Provençal breeze carries with it a symphony of happily buzzing bees and a distinctive floral scent which together signal the arrival of the lavender season. The Valensole Plateau is particularly renowned for its lavender fields, where you can wander through endless rows of fragrant purple flowers in search of your ideal picnic spot. We recommend browsing the market stalls of towns like Aix-en-Provence in search of fresh produce and local crafts, picking up a bottle or two of sun-kissed rosé from a local winery and enjoying them al fresco at one of the region’s many lavender-infused music and cultural festivals.

    5. Lupins, New Zealand’s South Island

    <em>Lupins, New Zealand</em>

    Lupins, New Zealand

    In the heart of the South Island’s McKenzie Basin, Lake Tekapo (aka Takapō) sits surrounded by snow-capped mountains. During the summer months, (especially mid-November to early January), the lake’s vibrant turquoise colour is perfectly complemented by the countless shades of pink and purple lupins adorning the lake’s stony shores. The tiny, stone Church of the Good Shepherd, set against this breathtaking backdrop, is a must-visit landmark, worthy of its Instagram superstar status. Take a scenic boat tour on the lake, enjoy a lakeside picnic or lounge in the hot pools, and explore the surrounding walking and biking trails. The town of Tekapo is part of the Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve – one of the largest dark sky reserves in the world. A nocturnal visit to the Mount John Observatory, which overlooks the lake and offers unparalleled stargazing opportunities, is an unmissable opportunity to marvel at truly awe-inspiring night sky vistas.

    6. Alpine Flowers, Switzerland

    <em>Alpine Flowers in Switzerland</em>

    Alpine Flowers in Switzerland

    During the northern summer months of June to September, the high-altitude meadows of the Swiss Alps are adorned with a rich tapestry of alpine flowers: sprawling fields filled with delicate edelweiss, vibrant gentians, cheerful buttercups, and other alpine species that flourish in the thin mountain air. The Flower Trail on Mt Pilatus provides a truly immersive way to witness these alpine treasures up close, but there are plenty of other hiking trails to choose from as well. Some of our favourite Swiss hiking regions include the Bernese Oberland, Engadine Valley, and the Jungfrau region. There’s something enchanting about the distinctly Swiss combination of crisp mountain air, snow-capped alpine scenery, the gentle clang of distant cow bells and an abundance of delicate wildflowers that will have you wanting to yodel across the valleys in sheer delight.

    7. Desert Blooms, South Africa’s Western Cape

    Namaqualand is a coastal region that reaches into South Africa’s most westerly corner and across the border into Namibia. For most of the year, the landscape is semi-arid desert, but when the spring wildflower season arrives in the Western Cape province, it transforms into a riotous display of previously dormant wildflowers. Throughout August and September, vast expanses of Namaqualand, as well as the Cederberg mountains and the West Coast region, come alive with flowering plants including Namaqua daisies, vygies, and various bulbous plants. Take a self-drive journey or join a guided tour to witness this breathtaking tapestry of spring flowers that stretches as far as the eye can see.


    Each of these destinations offers a unique floral spectacle that showcases the wonders of the world in bloom – it’s nature at its most colourful and creative. If you’d like to experience the beauty of the blossoms, talk to one of our personal travel managers.


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