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    The world's best martial arts holidays

    The world's best martial arts holidays

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    If you’re after an active adventure on your next holiday, look no further than a martial arts getaway. Whether you’re a black belt or an absolute beginner, there are programs and tours to suit everyone, all over the world. Best of all, many of the packages also include sightseeing, for the perfect blend of fitness and culture.

    Japan – Kick-chop your way through the land of the cherry blossom and train at some of the country’s most renowned karate dojos.

    Japan is as famous for martial arts, particularly karate, as it is for cherry blossoms, super-fast bullet trains and delicious sushi. Take some time to learn more about this national icon on your trip to Japan, with a karate adventure. Kick-chop your way through classes at some of the country’s most prestigious dojos, including Kokodan, Butokuden and Okinawa. With a karate package tour, you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in Japanese culture in general, with a tea ceremony, calligraphy classes, and you’ll also learn more about the kimono, the Japanese national dress.

    Brazil – Combat, dance and music combine at capoeira camps overlooking wild, secluded beaches

    In the country of the Carnivale, it’s only fitting that one of the most popular martial arts in Brazil is capoeira. A blend of combat, dance and music, capoeira was developed in the 1800s and paved the way for the popular mixed martial arts forms of today. The thriving island city of Florianapolis, in Santa Catarina state, is the perfect place to learn more about this beloved Brazilian sport. Overlooking a wild, secluded beach, in a relaxing atmosphere, package tours offer three hours of capoeira each day, taught by professional instructors. When you’re not in class, there are plenty of other  outdoor activities to be enjoyed around the island, including trekking, white water rafting, sand boarding and paragliding.

    South Korea – Learn to break wood with a simple hand movement, on a tour set amongst beautiful woodland surroundings

    Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, and it’s on a visit to this country that you’ll have the opportunity to discover all aspects of the sport – from the history, culture and rules, down to best practice and the various different forms of taekwondo – from sport to self defence. South Korean is proud of its rich history in taekwondo, and there are experiences available to visitors of all ability levels, from novices to experts looking to further hone their skills. Taekwondo tours can run anywhere from two right up to 15 days, and one great place to learn this new sport is in the green, picturesque Namsangol Hanok Villlage. You’ll impress all your friends upon your return home, with the courses teaching participants how to chop wood with a deft movement of the hand. There are also a variety of Taekwondo-themed events and festivals held throughout South Korea during the year, including the World Taekwondo Culture Expo, the Chungju World Martial Arts festival, the Korea Classic Open tournament, and the World Taekwondo Festival.

    Israel – Discover the art of the world’s fastest-growing martial art, krav maga, and take in Israel’s stunning sights

    Israel is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when  thinking of martial arts, but it’s here that krav maga developed. A non-competitive martial art, krav maga is growing in popularity all over the world, and is a blend of boxing, Muay Thai, ju-jitsu and wrestling.  A unique krav maga tour of Israel takes place in Netanya, a stunning coastal town with beautiful beaches. The tour is equal parts training and touring, with intensive five hourly sessions each day at the start of your journey, offset by relaxation at the tour’s conclusion, where you’ll take in Israel’s most famous sites – venturing to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and a few hours floating along in the soothing salty waters of the Dead Sea.

    China – Unleash your inner Bruce Lee, visiting famous kung fu temples and learning all about this ancient practice

    The national martial art of China is kung fu, made most famous in the Western world through countless Bruce Lee movies. There are a wide variety of tours that allow for a fascinating insight into this ancient practice. For those wanting an in-depth experience, a 13 day tour is the perfect option. You’ll learn about the history of kung  fu, through visits to the Shaolin Temple and Mount Wudang, two of the places where this ancient art form finds its roots. Keen to unleash your inner Bruce Lee? A master of kung fu will teach you the intricacies of the martial art, throughout several optional classes conducted throughout your trip. As well as learning and practicing kung fu, you’ll also take in many other famous sites that China has to offer, including the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Qin Terracotta Army, concluding your adventure in the vibrant city of Shanghai.

    Thailand ­– Rejuvenate mind, body, soul and spirit on an idyllic Thai beach paradise

    For an intensive rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit, there’s no better place than a Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) camp in the heart of Thailand. Although the physicality of the sports, encompassing the full movement of martial arts, and using the entire body, with an emphasis on the legs, may seem intimidating, martial arts camps in picturesque Phuket have fully-customised programs available for all ages and skill levels. You’ll conduct your training atop Mount Karon, the tallest peak on the island, and overlooking the clear blue and turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.

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    Photo – www.shaolinchina.org


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