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    The world's most spectacular helicopter rides

    The world's most spectacular helicopter rides

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    A helicopter ride is the best way to experience clear, 360 degree views of the world below. This style of transport adds a whole other dimension to the travel experience. Whether you’re holidaying in the city, the great outdoors or even taking a ski trip, a helicopter tour will provide many unforgettable sights and moments. Here’s our list of some of the best.

    Uluru/Ayers Rock  – Australia

    The sheer scale and size of the world’s largest monolith is most evident from the air, and a helicopter flight offers spectacular views of Uluru, as well as the surrounding desert. There are a choice of flight tours, depending on how much you want to see, but it’s well worth taking the extra time and spending a couple of hours up in the skies. The best time to fly is either at sunrise or sunset – where the contrast between the blue of the sky and the red-brown hues of the desert is breathtaking. Soaring above the  national park, as well as panoramic views of the famous Uluru, you’ll also take in the dramatic gorge and waterfall of King’s Canyon. Finally, land on the peak of Mount Connor, which looks somewhat similar to Uluru, and take the time to savour the peace and calm of the endless plains of the Australian outback.

    Grand Canyon – United States

    The Grand Canyon is an amazing sight whichever way you look at it – literally. Whether by air, on foot, by road or even rafting on water, the contrasting colours and dramatic peaks and troughs of the Canyon are something that will remain etched in your memory forever. Make the most of your experience with a luxury ride in business class helicopter comfort, complete with personal headphones with a choice of informative narration, or relaxing music. The tour takes in the deepest and widest section of the entire Grand Canyon, Dragon Corridor, the bird’s eye view from the air showing the remarkable depths of the gorge. You’ll also take in other famous Canyon landmarks such as Zuni Point and the Eastern Gorge, and finish up with a short flight over the nearby Painted Desert.

     Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe and Zambia

    The spectacular Victoria Falls span two countries, Zimbabwe and Zambia, spilling over the Zambezi River. Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world, measuring around 1,708 metres wide and 108 metres high. The only way to take in the true majestic beauty of the Falls is by helicopter flight, and with a guaranteed window seat, be sure to bring your camera as the scenery is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Watch the spray from the falls crash and thunder below, and continue along to the deep trenches of Batoka Gorge. But most amazing of all is the chance to see wildlife from the air as you swoop over the Zambezi National Park.

    British Columbia – Canada

    If you’re more of an adventurous traveller and prefer to experience the sights rather than looking at them, then heli-skiing or heli-boarding is the perfect choice. As one of the world’s leading adventure sport destinations, the British Columbia region of Canada is the place to go. It’s worth spending around a week to explore the far reaches of the remote Canadian wilderness. Throughout your seven day adventure, you’ll have numerous opportunities to experience the stunning scenery both by air and from the ground. Expert guides carefully select the best skiing and boarding spots each day, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy amazing views of  the snow covered forests and cliff peaks every day of your trip. There are also introductory courses available for those who are new to the sport, making this unique helicopter tour available to all.

    Hong Kong

    If you’ve travelled to Hong Kong several times, perhaps en-route to Europe, or maybe for business, and think that you’ve seen all that the city has to offer, think again. A helicopter flight around the skyscraper sprawl offers a completely new perspective. Launch into the sky from more than 30 storeys high from a luxury hotel rooftop helipad. Expert pilot commentary throughout the brief journey will help you learn more about the city, and the numerous tall tower buildings will feel almost close enough to touch. If you’re travelling onwards from Hong Kong, there are great packages available combining a range of spa treatments with the helicopter flight. Unwind with an hour-long aromatherapy massage, an hour-long intensive facial. Finish with a sauna, with great views over the harbour over which you’ve flown. Or, if you’d rather keep flying, Macau is just a 15 minute journey away by helicopter.

    Rio di Janeiro – Brazil

    The thriving Brazilian city of Rio di Janeiro is home to a number of world-famous sights, so jump on board a helicopter and take them all in with a quick trip high above all the hustle and bustle. It’s from the sky that you’ll really be able to appreciate all 40 metres of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, looming over the tiny buildings below. You’ll also get a perfect view of the distinctive peak of nearby Sugarloaf Mountain, the golden yellow sands of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and the plate-like shape of the Maracana soccer stadium.

    Milford Sound – New Zealand

    Milford Sound in New  Zealand is often regarded as one of the most scenic areas in the entire world, and famous author Rudyard Kipling even dubbed the area the eighth Wonder of the World. The Sound is a fjord, snaking its way through and surrounded by numerous tall, sometimes snow-capped mountain peaks. Such an  awe-inspiring natural location is best observed from the air, where you’ll get the very best view of the deep, icy-blue waters. You’ll fly low enough to marvel at the endless stillness of the waters, unless you’re lucky enough to see a dolphin splashing through and making waves.

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