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    The world's most wonderful waterparks

    The world's most wonderful waterparks

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    For a fun-filled time with the whole family on your next holiday, a visit to a waterpark guarantees a great time for all. Although Australia is known for places such as Wet n’ Wild on the Gold Coast, a great place to beat the heat, there are also fantastic parks located in more unlikely places around the globe, such as Canada and Germany. Here’s our guide to some of the world’s best waterparks. See your personal travel manager for more information on these, and for other excellent suggestions.


    Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou  – China

    Covering an area measing more than 300 square kilometres, the Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou Province is the largest water park in the world. New attractions are being added all the time in a constant push by the park’s owners to have the biggest, fastest, scariest and most thrilling water rides in the world. Currently, Chimelong’s main attraction is the Behemoth Bowl, a slide quite unlike any other. Thrill-seekers ride four at a time in a specially constructed tube, and after sliding nearly 100 metres, are thrown into a huge bowl before being thrown into a drop chute into the swimming pool below.


    World Waterpark, Edmonton – Canada

    The vast Edmonton Mall in Canada is better known as being one of the world’s biggest and most impressive shopping centres. But it’s also home to an expansive indoor water park, open all year round – a great place to not only beat the heat, but also the freezing winter temperatures, which can drop as low as -40 degrees. World Waterpark’s signature slide is the Cyclone, with an innovative loop design similar to that of a loop the loop on a traditional rollercoaster.


    Waterbom, Bali – Indonesia

    Bali has been a favourite destination for families for many years, and a day out at  the Waterbom Park is often on the must-do list for visitors young and old.  Conveniently located in the Kuta tourist hub, in spacious landscaped Balinese gardens, Waterbom offers more than 20 action-packed slides. The park’s most unique offering is the Climax, where riders enter a chamber suspended nearly 20 metres in the air, followed by a sudden vertical drop, before unexpectedly being taken back up and looping around, a seemingly physics and grafity-defying thrilling few minutes of fun!


    Tropical Islands, Brandenburg – Germany

    While Germany is not exactly known for its sunny climates and beautiful sandy beaches, Tropical Islands, in Brandenburg, is the next best thing. As the name suggests, the largest indoor water park in the world recreates the relaxed vibe and aesthetic of a beach resort, all within a large, fully enclosed dome. Palm-tree lined sandy shores lead to the clear blue waters of the ‘beach’, surrounded by dense rainforest. Tropical Islands is better suited for those after a relaxing waterpark experience rather than racing up and down waterslides, but there’s still plenty to enjoy, with an onsite sauna and spa, various waterfalls, and even guided treks through the rainforest.


    Noah’s Ark, Wisconsin – United States

    The states of California and Florida may traditionally hog the theme park headlines with their various Disney offerings, but the small state of Wisconsin trumps all others when it comes to waterparks. Wisconsin Dells is home to Noah’s Ark, the biggest waterpark in the United States, and with more than 50 slides and water rides, there’s plenty of fun for the whole family. There’s one-of-a-kind slides and rides such as the first near-vertical loop in the Scorpion’s Tail, and the Water Coaster. For the younger ones, there’s the Kiddie Kingdom Water Playground, for the whole family, a 4D Dive in Theatre showing the latest cinematic releases.


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    Image – http://www.chimelong.com/enpark/waterparty_jcwd.shtml


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