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    Top 7 foodie destinations

    Top 7 foodie destinations

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    Culinary travel tips

    Travel and food go together like salt and pepper. Many people travel just for the food. We all have our favourite cuisine but step outside your comfort zone and try some regional fare when you next travel, it’s a great talking point. Here are our top seven favourite food destinations but there are hundreds more.

    1.    Greece

    Greece is hot. Everyone is travelling there at the moment with the strength of the dollar against the Euro. From fresh fish, octopus, olives and taramasalata, you will find simple uncomplicated flavours in Greece. Lunch is the main meal so take a long lunch and even indulge in a little siesta. Wednesdays and Fridays are reserved as fast days which means no meat.  Vegetarians should be happy.

    2.    Italy

    Food is arguably, Italy’s most famous export. There are so many regional varieties of Italian cuisine, you will want to visit each region. Pasta, pizza, gelato and of course coffee. In Italy you will find a country of coffee nazis. Only espresso and normal milk. No skim milk to be found here so watch those waist lines.

    3.    France

    Cheese, champagne, and baguettes from the local supermarket could keep your taste buds tantalised during your trip. Everywhere you look there are divine examples of French cuisine. France has distinct regions with different climates which influence the regional varieties. Lunch is considered the main meal although do not be surprised to be served six distinct courses when you visit someone for dinner.

    4.    India

    India’s cuisine is also very varies depending upon the region.  The basis of all meals is rice in the south, and roti in the north. These carbs are generally accompanied by dhal, vegetables and chutney. Often fish or meat are added to produce a sensational exotic dish.

    5.    Malaysia

    Think Chinese, Indian, and a fusion of both. Prawn sambal for breakfast is a spicy way to start the day but once you get used to this kick in the morning you will never look back. Street stalls are clean and offer an incredibly array of spices and tastes. Satays, rices, sambals, are what Malaysia is famous for, and of course Chili Crab. Makan La!

    6.    Japan

    There are a variety of speciality restaurants awaiting your discerning taste buds in Japan. These include yakitori, sushi and shashimi, tempura and ramen noodle bars. The pinnacle of Japanese cuisine is the tea ceremony. From cities to the countries you will be awe-struck by the incredible food of this land.

    7.  Mexico

    Don’t squirm, shoot the worm, was once a slogan for Mezcal tequila with that wonderful worm in the bottom of the bottle. However let this not put you off traditional Mexican fare. Mexico is a vegetarian’s paradice with plenty of corn and bean based dishes. There’s tacos, enchiladas, burritos and the incredible taste of chili chocolate which awaits.

    This is just a taste of what awaits when you fly out of Australia but ask your Personal Travel Manager for cuisine tips, restaurants and packages for gourmets and budding masterchefs. When it comes to travel for foodies, the world is your oyster. Visit http://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm-search/


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