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    7 of the world's most romantic destinations

    7 of the world's most romantic destinations

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    They say that travelling together can either make or break your relationship. On one hand, you’re thrown into unknown situations and places, getting an insight into how your significant other handles stress if things don’t go according to plans. On the other hand, the experience can bring you much closer together as you work as a team and create lasting memories. If you’re looking for somewhere to take a new love, spend your honeymoon, or rekindle an old flame, consider these seven top romantic destinations.

    1. Paris – France

    The iconic French capital reeks of romance. This city of lights overflows with passion and joy for all couples alike. From rustic to refined you can find it all here, as you indulge in whatever divine French food is offered to you, whilst sitting and taking in the magnificent city with your other half. From the Luxembourg gardens to a sunset cruise, or a stroll down the Champs Elysees, Paris has it all. Sip Champagne underneath the Eiffel Tower, or share a crepe at one of Paris’ many romantic restaurants. A stroll along the Seine River is enough to fulfill your heart’s desire as you walk across the beautifully designed bridges, pass the Louvre, or watch the lights of the Eiffel Tower from afar. The Parisian streets are lined with romantic hotels, all with views that can’t go wrong. Whether it be summer or winter, Paris comes alive with romance and is a wonderful destination for a honeymoon or romantic hideaway.

    2. Santorini – Greece

    What would a romantic holiday be without a trip to the Greek islands? There are many spectacular islands to choose from, and while all offer reasonably priced vacations, great beaches and beautiful weather, Santorini is a favourite for lovers, with many hotel rooms offering stunning ocean views. It is here in Santorini that you can choose any local restaurant perched high in the hills and overlook the Aegean Sea almost 1,000 feet below, a view that is unlike any other. Sipping wine and eating tapas with your partner as the sun hits the water is a guaranteed romantic Kodak moment. Visit Perissa and Kamari beaches and see their unique black sand, or stroll through the quaint ancient village of Akrotiri, experiencing Greek culture and visiting many locals. Visit the small town of Oia, and experience one of the world’s most famous sunsets, with a picnic blanket and some nibbles, sitting high amongst the quiet towns many lookouts, this is bound to be a holiday you will never forget.

    3. Taj Mahal – India

    Known as the Monument of Love, the Taj Mahal in Agra, India was built by Shah Jahan, who created his vision of the world, not as it is, but rather as it should be – harmonious, graceful and pure. Inspired by love and shaped to perfection, the Taj Mahal immortalises one man’s love for his wife and the splendour of an era. It is for this reason that the Taj Mahal is the perfect place to visit with a loved one, as it is a different kind of romantic holiday, one away from glistening beaches and luxury hotels, but a wonder of the world, inspired by a true love story, making it one of the most romantic destinations of all. India in itself is a colourful and cultural getaway, whether you’re partying on the beaches of Goa, trawling the city of Delhi, or relaxing on the beach in Kerala, you’re bound to have an unforgettable holiday experience with the one you love.

    4. Venice – Italy

    It’s impossible to think of the Italian city of Venice without using “romance” in the same sentence. Make sure to visit this romantic city, which is guaranteed to capture your heart and soul before it finally sinks into the Adriatic Sea. This ancient Italian port city, complete with canals, bridges, and century-old buildings, each one more beautiful than the next, is guaranteed to appeal to your romantic senses, as you stroll around the Piazza San Marco, one of the most impressive squares in all of Europe, with your significant other. An evening gondola ride along the Venice canals is an absolute must, as you take in the atmosphere of Venezia. If you haven’t yet been lost in the winding, narrow Venice streets, stroll down to both the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, where the two of you can declare your undying love once more, before you retreat back to your luxury accommodation, or to a romantic Italian restaurant for some wine and a delicious pasta dish.

    5. Tahiti – French Polynesia

    This island paradise in French Polynesia lures many couples year round with its pristine and sun-kissed beaches, peaceful villages and luxurious thatch-roofed hideaways, making it the perfect place for some alone time. You can relax at the Polynesian spas or go snorkelling or boating with your spouse in the clearest waters you will ever experience. Tahiti’s appeal is that it has everything you could ever need for a romantic holiday, from lavish bungalows, great food, and spectacular scenery, all while spending it with the one you love relaxing on the beach or enjoying the island’s watersports. The warmth and hospitality of your Tahitian hosts will linger in your heart as you return home.

    6. Aspen, Colorado – United States

    A well-known skier’s paradise and a holiday retreat for many famous faces, Aspen offers more than just good celebrity spotting. It’s also a great outdoor romantic destination year round with its stunning scenery, great hiking trails, luxurious accommodation and a busy and bustling nightlife. Enjoy days on end skiing the slopes, as you stop along the way to sip hot chocolates and delicious coffee and enjoy a hot lunch or dessert indulgence at one of Aspen’s many cafes. Aspen itself is picturesque and relaxing, yet there is also ample opportunity to venture away from town for the day, to places such as Glenwood Hot Springs, just 40 miles northwest of Aspen – a perfect romantic indulgence. Whether you choose to curl up in your lodge in front of the roaring fire and away from the slopes, take a romantic carriage ride around the town, or live it up at the numerous pubs, clubs with your partner, Aspen is sure to not disappoint you on your romantic vacation.

    7. Nassau – Bahamas

    All Caribbean islands know how to pour on the romance, but the ultimate romantic holiday for two has to be to Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Nassau not only has the requisite pink sand and turquoise waters but also offers the greatest variety of accommodation, eateries and nightspots. Stroll the cobblestone streets, indulge in watersports, shop for some bargains at the street markets, or sip cocktails overlooking the ocean. Whether you want to take a romantic horseback ride or carriage tour, the choice is yours. Check out the Changing of the Guard every other Saturday at the Government House, make a trip to the Straw Market to purchase some handmade souvenirs, or simply spend your time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company away from the stress of everyday life.

    To start planning your next romantic getaway speak to your local, personal travel manager.


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