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    Some Top Eco-Holidays

    Some Top Eco-Holidays

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    Eco-holidays used to be a relatively new term in tourism, associated with conservationists and environmentalists, however the niche has blossomed into a multi-million dollar industry. From rich rainforests and colorful corals to sprawling savannahs and fabulous fjords, the five regions we’ll cover encompass some of the earth’s most extraordinary ecosystems. Contact your personal travel manager to arrange your next eco-holiday.

    Eco-holidays focus on environmental sustainability and supporting conservation efforts. Much of Belize’s fauna is found within the Amazon rainforest, providing an ideal opportunity to explore the world’s lungs while caring for indigenous wildlife. Residents of the village of Red Bank, in the foothills of the Maya Mountains, have been trained to take visitors to observe Scarlet Macaws and can point out medicinal roots and herbs used by the ancient Maya.

    Closer to home you can experience the grandeur and awe inspiring beauty of the Daintree Rainforest. Walk among Queensland’s cassowaries, praying mantes and spectacled flying foxes, learning of their importance to the fragile ecosystem as you go. Local Aboriginal guides can teach you traditional hunting methods used to catch fresh fish, mud crabs, mussels and other bush tucker.

    Thanks to strict environmental regulations, the pristine beauty of Norway’s fjords remains a popular eco destination. Visitors can hike over the rugged terrain or take a scenic boat ride beneath the towering mountain cliffs, watching eagles, seals and porpoises in the process. Adrenalin raising activities like river boarding, dog sledding and diving with killer whales will provide enough excitement for any adventurist.

    Explore the savannah in Kenya, where you can do more than just view animals – and become involved in wildlife conservation projects. Kenya’s incredible wildlife diversity is protected by 50 national parks, whose aim is to regenerate grassland through local bush rehabilitation programmes. Visitors can also walk along pristine white beaches on the Indian Ocean or go diving along colourful coral reefs.

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