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    Trekking the Globe - 3 of the best

    Trekking the Globe - 3 of the best

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    Drag out your hiking boots, the thickest socks you can find and some 50+ sunscreen – it’s time for some of the most memorable trekking experiences of your life.

    Trekking is one of the best ways to discover a new land; sleep under the stars and immerse yourself in pure and natural beauty as you meander through villages, over mountains and across rivers.

    Here are three of our personal travel managers’ favourite hikes from around the world.

    Zion Narrows, Utah, United States

    Known to seasoned trekkers as one of the world’s best canyon hikes, the Zion Narrows in Utah is famous for its giant gorge with walls a thousand feet tall

    Surrounded by a glorious river track, which at points is just 20 to 30 feet wide, this trail can be tailored to suit any ability level.

    The trail goes through the Virgin River, so expect to get wet…really wet. More than half of the trek will be in water, while the rest of your time spent on the riverbank. The water provides a refreshing touch during the warmer months, however a good pair of waterproof boots is an absolute necessity.

    Mount Fitz Roy Trek, Patagonia, Argentina

    With a reputation for its views to “the end of the earth”, Mount Fitz Roy offers stunning backdrops with forests, deserts, lakes and volcanoes in abundance. Situated within Parque Nacional Los Glaciers, Mount Fitzroy is the only permissible trek within the extensive park.

    Mount Fitz Roy is famous for its massive granite structures, which at sunrise turn a surreal rose hue. Get to bed early and start trekking before dawn to take in a scene you’ll never forget.

    Hua Shan (Mount Hua), China

    Situated in China’s Huayin City, Mount Hua is a challenging trek famous for natural vistas of steep, narrow paths and rugged cliffs.

    Its five peaks all offer different attractions, with each boasting distinctive characteristics and charms. For example, the East Peak is the place to go to get the best view of the sunrise and the South Peak has the highest altitude, while the West Peak is ideal for gazing across the mountain range.

    With a reputation amongst trekking leaders as one of the most dangerous, Mount Hua offers advanced climbers a challenging they’ll never forget. At the finish line you’ll be greeted by a teahouse, 2,160 metres up on the mountain’s southern peak – well worth the climb!

    For your next trekking adventure, contact your personal travel manager.


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