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    What’s Your Flavour?

    What’s Your Flavour?

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    “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” went the song from the twenties and for many, no holiday would be complete without the frozen dessert. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best ice creams from around the world. Contact your personal travel manager to organise your next “sweet” trip.

    Ice Cream City, Tokyo, Japan

    Ice Cream City consists of a variety of stands, selling over 300 flavours so you’re never stuck for choice.

    The Japanese are not known to shy away from the weird and wonderful and their take on ice cream is no exception. Some of the flavours like Wasabi and Green Tea are typically Japanese and distinctly tasty, while others such as whale and octopus are a scoop too far.

    Helados Scannapieco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    The Scannapieco family has been making ice cream for over 70 years and have the craft down to a fine art.

    The Italian family’s menu includes over 50 flavours, from the classic to the exceptional. The chocolate flavour is a shade darker than the average, with a much higher cocoa content and the lemon champagne and cinnamon are hard to go past.

    Glace, Sydney, Australia

    You don’t have to travel oversees to enjoy the perfect scoop. Glace is the brainchild of Marilyn Lean and has built a solid reputation amongst Australia’s finest chefs.

    As well as a delectable ice cream range that includes strawberry pistachio and rose petal, Glace boasts an entire range of ice cream based desserts from petit fours to entire ice cream cakes.

    I Scream, Kingston, Jamaica

    Located within Devon House, an 11-acre property declared a national monument in 1990; I Scream has become a Jamaican institution.

    The flavours run from the traditional to those that typify the Caribbean, like coconut, mango and soursop. There’s also a thirst quenching beer flavour made from Jamaican ale called ‘Devon Stout’. Admission into the estate includes a tour of the house and extensive gardens, just don’t get ice cream on the antique carpets.

    Capogiro Gelato, Philadelphia, USA

    According to Capogiro they don’t sell ice cream, but a range of Gelato and Sorbetto. It all goes down the same way and Capogiro’s frozen desserts go down with the best of them.

    Established by Italian immigrants in the heart of Philadelphia, Capogiro’s menu changes daily. The pick of the bunch, at the time of writing, include the delicious infusions of Champagne Mango and Bourbon Butterscotch.

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