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    Where to find the best coffee from around the world

    Where to find the best coffee from around the world

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    In the last 50 years, café culture and going out for coffee has become a popular trend, and one that has been adopted in all corners of the globe. Some people love grab a cup first thing in the morning on the way to work, while others enjoy relaxing in a café with a coffee and a good book. Whatever your preference, if you’re a coffee lover then knowing where to get your caffeine fix while travelling is essential. If coffee and café culture is your thing, speak to a personal travel manager to create a travel itinerary that unlocks the freshest coffee culture in the world.

    Melbourne, Australia

    The lifestyle in Melbourne hosts coffee as an integral part of everyday life, so much so that it has been said that it is nearly impossible to find a bad cup of coffee in Melbourne City. A few favourite nooks include Axil Coffeehouse Roasters in Hawthorn, and Dead Man Espresso in South Melbourne. Hidden Secret Tours is a great little company that also runs café culture walks and coffee tastings throughout the week.

    Rome, Italy

    If you’re a fan of an Italian espresso, then look no further than Rome. Some of the best barista’s in the country have opened up shop in the city, giving you the chance to scope out the best that the city has to offer. These cafes include Rosati in Piazza del Popolo, Sant Eustachi close to the Pantheon, or Giolitti by the Trevi Fountain.

    Havana, Cuba

    Everyday coffee in Havana is named ‘café cubana’, a full-bodied espresso with sugar accompanying almost every meal and is where the locals say they get their exuberant energy. For travellers, the best coffee is found in the small espresso bars, which can be found at the back of most hotels, where you can get a strong and sugary cup of coffee to start your day!

    Nairobi, Kenya

    The production of coffee in Kenya is considered some of the best in the world, and as any Kenyan will tell you, it is an established fact that the worlds’ finest Arabica coffee is grown on Kenyan soil. It’s through the growing process and districts where coffee is grown that makes it so unique. When looking for a place to sit and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee, grown and produced in its home country, then head to the capital, Nairobi, where you will find JavaHouse, a small chain coffee shop that hosts the best Kenyan blends, or The Mug Coffee Lounge, which is a local favourite.


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