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    Why not WWOOF while you travel?

    Why not WWOOF while you travel?

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    The WWOOF network began in England during the 1970s, giving city dwellers the chance to flee the concrete and escape into the country. Since then the acronym’s meaning has changed twice and spread over 50 countries. Your personal travel manager can help get you to all of them.

    The organisation originally called “Working Weekends on Organic Farms” provides volunteers with experience of organic farming, while offering the chance to live overseas. Australia is currently at the forefront of WWOOF, hosting over 1000 farms as organic farming and the demand for food grown using ecologically safe methods increases.

    As WWOOfing went international and the majority of volunteers worked on farms throughout the week, the acronym changed first to Willing Workers on Organic Farms and more recently to World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. While WWOOF volunteers aren’t paid, they do receive remuneration in the form of meals and accommodation.  Many join WWOOF farms to meet new people, explore foreign cultures and benefit less developed communities.

    The sheer scope of farming opportunities is mind-boggling, from planting cocoa fields in Belize to harvesting olives in Palestine. Eco tourists and travellers striving for sustainable living can pick a country or region they’d like to visit, join their respective WWOOF communities, and apply for a position on a farm of their choice.

    The staggering number of WWOOF recognised farms means that travellers can virtually farm their way around the world. Volunteers are normally required to work up to six hours a day, but many work fewer leaving time to form lasting friendships and explore the countryside that’s temporarily become their home.

    If you’re planning a big trip across a number of countries, it can be extremely worthwhile to work on a WWOOF farm at the beginning.  It’ll give you firsthand experience of the culture you’re about to become immersed in and allow you to meet like-minded travellers, many of whom will be embarking on similar adventures.

    Travelling is all about new experiences. While many can say they’ve visited a country, how many people can say they’ve left the well beaten tourist trail to farm the land, fed local villages and worked alongside others for the greater good?

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