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    World's best boat trips

    World's best boat trips

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    World’s best boat trips 

    Some of the world’s most spectacular sights are best experienced from the water. You’ll get a unique perspective of stunning natural surrounds, and enjoy views that are simply not possible by any other means. Whether a leisurely cruise down the calm still waters of the Mississippi, or a daring raft through the freezing waters of the Andes, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the world’s best boat tours.

    Halong Bay, Vietnam – Cruise amongst more than 3,000 mystical limestone islands

    A day cruise around the mystical, breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay is like a journey around an outdoor museum, with more than 3,000 moss green limestone islands jutting up into the sky from the calm waters below.  The myths and stories surrounding the existence of Halong Bay’s islands are as fascinating as the scenery itself. Vietnamese legend has it that the islands were created by a giant dragon, with its tail carving peaks and valleys into the mountains. When the dragon entered the sea, so dramatic was the splash that the entire area filled with water, and only the peaks of the mountains were visible. However they came to be, the peaks of Halong Bay are not to be missed, with a variety of cruises available, ranging from a few hours to several days.

    Milford Sound, New Zealand – Kayak amongst the dolphins and seals of the still blue waters

    Milford Sound is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand, and a ‘must-do’ on any visit to the country. There are many ways to see the sights of the Sound, including by car, on foot, or helicopter flight. But to get the best perspective of the rising, rugged rocky cliffs, take a boat trip through the deep blue waters, either kayaking yourself, or as part of a day cruise. Milford Sound is part of the greater Fiordland region of New Zealand, and has been described by Rudyard Kipling as the eighth wonder of the world. When you visit, you’ll understand why. Heavy rainfall covers the skyscraping mountain peaks with an eerie mist, with some standing more than one kilometre tall. The area is also a great place to spot local marine life, with seals, dolphins, and many other creatures inhabiting the area.

    Futaleufu River, Chile – Dare to raft the roaring rapids high amongst the Andes

    If you like your boat trips to be a little more exhilarating than simply cruising down the calm waters of a river, then white water rafting is for you. The Futaleufu River, in Chile’s Patagonia region, is suitable for all rafters, from first-timers to experts. The remote mountain scenery is what makes this river so special, with deep blue-green waters nestled high amongst the Andes, and fed by glaciers. For the full wildnerness experience, expeditions of about a week are available. Here, you’ll get to journey down the length of the Futalefu, starting in Argentina, and staying at remote, privately-owned camps along the way.

    Kerala, India – Relax on board your floating hotel and enjoy unique views of rural India

    The Kerala backwaters in India consist of a range of interconnecting canals more than 1500km long, encompassing more than 44 rivers as well as numerous lagoons and lakes. Huge, slow-moving houseboats are an excellent way to explore the Kerala waterways and surrounding scenery. The boats themselves are a sight to behold, with many intricate archways, windows and shapes, carved from local materials such as bamboo poles and coconut fibre. Although designed to blend in with the natural environment, most houseboats are fitted out with all the mod-cons, so it’s just like your very own floating hotel, with the added bonus of seeing remote rural scenery that can’t be accessed by any other means.

    Mississippi River, United States – Step back in time on board a vintage paddle steamer, leisurely cruising down the world’s most famous river

    The Mississippi River is the largest river in the United States, and one of the most well-known waterways in the world, immortalised in song and on screen for decades. Passing through the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana, there is no shortage of options as far as cruises go, with everything from a couple of hours to a few weeks available. For an authentic Mississippi experience, opt for a trip aboard a traditional paddle steamer vessel, combining a  vintage design with modern technology, including on board pools and gyms. Become further immersed in the culture of the deep south as you listen to the big brassy jazz sounds of the on-board big band, and venture on shore for excursions to stately homes and the spacious gardens dotted along the Mississippi river side.


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