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    World's best hotel swimming pools

    World's best hotel swimming pools

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    Wherever you happen to be holidaying in the world, chances are that you’ll take a dip in the cool waters of the hotel pool. If you’re after something a little different, or like to travel in the ‘lap of luxury’ – literally – then take a look at our guide to the world’s best hotel swimming pools.

    San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo – Chile – The size of 20 Olympic pools, and so big you can sail in it!

    This luxury resort in Chile has the biggest and deepest swimming pool in the world, so it definitely ranks a mention up there with the best. The location is also incredible, stretching along the sandy beachfront. This pool holds an incredible 250 million litres of water, and covers an area of nearly 20 acres, and is the equivalent of 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools in length. It’s so big that it’s regularly used for sailing – yes, really!

    Intercontinental, Hong Kong – Triple the infinity pool pleasure

    The Intercontinental Hong Kong is often regarded as one of the best hotels in the world, so it’s only fitting that it also boasts not one, but three incredible infinity swimming pools. Each one is individually temperature controlled, so whether you’re looking to warm up or cool down, there’s something here for everyone. As if that’s not enough, the clear blue waters provide panoramic, uninterrupted views overlooking Victoria Harbour and the skyscrapers of Hong Kong.

    Library Hotel, Koh Samui – Thailand – No need to feel blue, in the blood-red waters of this most unique pool

    Watching the sun set over the shores of Koh Samui, from the absolute beachfront location of the Library Hotel’s pool, is pretty special. But what’s even better is the pool itself, eschewing the traditional blue for blood-red. Yep, roses are red, and so is the pool water here, providing a striking contrast with the turquoise of the ocean visible from the pool deck. As the name suggests, the Library Hotel is also a great place to kick back with a good book, with a fully-stocked library as well as numerous other great reads scattered around the minimalist establishment.

    Park Hyatt, Tokyo – Japan – Enjoy views over Mount Fuji and the sparkling lights of Tokyo, as you do laps 47 storeys up

    The 20 metre indoor pool at Tokyo’s luxury Park Hyatt hotel is located a dizzying 47 storeys high, overlooking the hustle and bustle of the city below. As well as enjoying a relaxing dip, it’s worth visiting a couple of times, to get the most out of the stunning views afforded by the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. During the day, you’ll spy the snow-covered peak of Mount Fuji in the distance as you practice your freestyle. In the evening, lighting lends a fluorescent blue glow to the water, with the glass roof revealing the glitter of the stars above, and the windows revealing the sparkle of the Tokyo city lights. Movie fans may also recognise the Park Hyatt’s pool from the award-winning Bill Murray film Lost in Translation.

    Singita Grumeti Reserves, Sasakwa Lodge – Tanzania – Have a ‘wild’ swim in the African desert, gazing at the elephants and antelopes

    Think that you’ve seen it all as far as incredible swimming pool views go? Think again. Forget the white sands and impossible turquoise waters of a tropical beach, or the bright lights of a bustling cityscape from many metres in the air. If you’re after a truly unique experience, then the Sasakwa Lodge in Tanzania is the place for you. Enjoy a spot of wildlife watching from the cooling comfort of either your private garden plunge pool, or the dramatic clifftop infinity pool, which is even fitted with telescopes for the best possible views. Elephants and rare  kudu antelopes are just a couple of the species that regularly roam the nearby plains, and if you’d like to get even closer, there’s an on-call game ranger ready to take you for a drive.

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