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    5 unique foodie experiences in less-travelled Europe destinations

    5 unique foodie experiences in less-travelled Europe destinations

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    Sponsored by Oceania Cruises

    Have you considered that you have possibly seen most of Europe? Think again. Oceania Cruises offers a wide selection of boutique ports not easily accessed, and renowned European cities adored by travellers for their historic realms. You can dip yourself into ports like a local. Let your personal travel manager take you through a choice of itineraries to challenge your travel wish lists and maybe include these foodie destinations along the way.


    1. Visit a family-owned vineyard on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius

    Drive up the southern face of Mount Vesuvius to the Sorrentino family winery. Learn about how the Sorrentinos have been making wine on this land for more than a century and bask in their warmth as they greet you at the door with open arms. You’ll even have the chance to stroll the vineyard with a member of the family, who will describe the effects the volcanic soil has on growing their grapes. Cap off the winery experience with a delectable multi-course lunch of local specialities and traditional dishes served with a selection of Sorrentino’s highly rated wines. Did we mention you’ll also visit the superbly preserved remains of two opulent villas in the ancient Roman town of Stabiae?

    How to experience it:  Food & Wine Trails Tour – Sorrentino Winery & Ancient Villas of Vesuvius via Oceania Cruises

    Port:  Sorrento/Capri, Italy


    2. Discover Maltese cuisine in traditional villages across this remarkable archipelago

    Begin your culinary adventure in the village of Qormi, where a baker will describe the ingredients, their origin and how they were baked. The aromas will be enticing; the tasting will be even more pleasurable. In nearby Hemsija, you will visit a farm that grows grapes, and you will sample the resulting wines. Continuing on to Santi, you will become further immersed in Maltese culinary products at a farm that produces artisan cheeses, in particular gbejna. More gastronomic treats await you at a farm in nearby Bingemma, where you will tour an olive grove. During the olive-oil tasting and lunch that follows, you will further delve into winemaking at a 17th-century monastery on the dramatically beautiful island of Madeira and learn how to prepare traditional dishes at a hilltop restaurant

    How to experience it:  Go Local Tour – Maltese Food & Wine

    Port:  Valletta, Malta


    3. Delve into winemaking at a 17th-century monastery on the dramatically beautiful island of Madeira and learn how to prepare traditional dishes at a hilltop restaurant

    Discover the culinary joys of Madeira by sampling its namesake wines, meandering through a magnificent food market and dining on local dishes. With your Culinary Center chef and a local foodie as guides, you will become immersed in Madeira winemaking at a 17th-century monastery that now produces fortified wines using traditional methods. A delightful drive past banana and pineapple plantations will bring you to a hilltop restaurant, where you will learn to prepare authentic Madeira dishes that may include sweet potato griddle bread or skewered meat flavored with bay leaves. You will also discover how the traditional drink poncha is made before dining on the restaurant’s gorgeous stone terrace.

    How to experience it:  Culinary Discovery Tour – Madeira Culinary Immersion & Hiltop Lunch

    Port:  Funchal (Madeira), Portugal


    4. Strike out beyond Kiel’s grand harbour with a visit to a German family fruit farm

    You’ll have plenty of opportunities to mingle with the locals while sampling traditional German specialties at the Quast family farm outside of Hamburg. The family has owned the farm since 1720, and they continue to grow fruits such as apples, plums and pears. You will gain an understanding of how the fruit is harvested and the challenges of running a small, private farm in modern times. Feel free to ask questions while enjoying homemade fruit schnapps and cake in the farm’s café. Back in Hamburg before returning to Kiel, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy freshly baked goods at the Effenberger Bakery while the owner regales you with stories of running the bakery.

    How to experience it: Go Local – Fruit Farm & Bakery via Oceania Cruises

    Port: Kiel, Germany


    5. Experience Sweden’s incredible culinary scene in an intriguing city that’s not Stockholm – head to Visby for an insider’s look at the passion of two local farmers and enjoy a locavore lunch in a greenhouse

    First, you’ll head to Ejmunds Farm, which sits at the end of a long tree-lined driveway and has been in the same family’s possession since 1862. As you tour the property, you’ll learn all about how they just happen to be raising the most prized meat in Sweden and some of their unique innovations. Next up is Lilla Bjers Farm – another multi-generation farm. Enjoy wandering about the organic farm and seeing what produce is in season, discover what’s just been harvested and learn the story of how the farm continues to be a pioneer for sustainability in Sweden and beyond. To bring the farm to the table, you’ll sit in the stunning greenhouse in the middle of the farm and enjoy a local lunch of delicious seasonal dishes and the ever-popular local beer.

    How to experience it: Culinary Discovery Tour – Meet Local Farmers & Greenhouse Lunch via Oceania Cruises

    Port: Visby, Sweden


    Speak to your personal travel manager to plan your next trip with Oceania Cruises with voyages worldwide. 



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