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    7 top tips for travelling on a budget

    7 top tips for travelling on a budget

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    No matter how much money you have, it’s always great to save. There’s some very simple measures you can put in place when you travel to store up more money for shopping or treating yourself to some luxurious indulgences.

    1. Travel off-season

    One of the best ways to save money when travelling is to travel in the off season. This doesn’t necessarily mean poor weather. It can often mean no crowds, great weather and of course no price hikes. Contact the local tourism office or look on the internet for peak seasons and avoid them.

    2. Book a serviced apartment

    Book a hotel room or a serviced apartment with a kitchenette. Takeaway food in every country is far more expensive than sampling the local delicacies from markets, supermarkets and local producers. 

    3. Travel with a friend

    Travel with a friend and book a double room. This is far cheaper than having a single room and of course a double room does not mean a double bed!

    4. Plan in advance or last minute

    Booking your airline ticket either a long way in advance (about 10 months to a year ahead) or booking last minute means great savings. There are always early bird rates, especially for long haul flights such as Europe. There are also last minute rates if you can be flexible. 

    5. Speak to your personal travel manager

    Speak to your personal travel manager regarding package deals, where to change your money and about existing travel insurance on your credit card. They have been in the industry for years and know all the best ways to save you money and are happy to pass on their knowledge to ensure you can have the best holiday possible.

    6. Economise when driving

    When you are doing a driving holiday, hire the most fuel efficient car you can, hybrids are fantastic. Use cruise control, keep to the speed limit, pack the boot first not the roof and keep airconditioning to a minimum and you will save on your petrol bills.

    7. Research your destination

    If you are flexible with destinations you can definitely save money. For example, if you want a tropical flop and drop holiday, there are so many destinations to choose from that all offer something unique. Your PTM can advise you which destinations are the best value for money which still offer a world class holiday.

    For more travel tips, talk to your local, personal travel manager. Visit http://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm-search/


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