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    What to expect on a Northern Europe and British Isles ultra-luxury cruise

    What to expect on a Northern Europe and British Isles ultra-luxury cruise

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    There’s no single way to sum up a voyage through Northern Europe and the British Isles, simply because there are so many ways to explore this intriguing region. You might be following the ancient trade routes of the Vikings through the Baltic Sea via a cruise. Or, breathing in deliciously fresh air as you stand on deck at dawn, taking in the tumbling waterfalls and lush greenery of the Norwegian fjords. You could be un-peeling centuries of history in imposing Scottish castles, or tracing the footsteps of your ancestors in Ireland.

    Any and all of these adventures are possible. And traveling by ultra-luxury ship with Silversea, you’re at a significant advantage, whichever route you choose. Imagine stringing together four or more European capitals by land in a week or trying to circumnavigate Britain by road and still have time for sightseeing.


    How can you make the most of a voyage through Northern Europe or the British Isles? This depends on where you go. Perhaps you’re intrigued by the British Isles, which cram millennia of history, extraordinary natural beauty and a melting pot of cultures into a relatively small space. On a luxurious all-inclusive 14-night expedition voyage aboard Silversea’s Silver Wind, you can take in the authentic raw beauty of the wild and remote British Isles and Iceland, which are so far from big cities that they are best explored by ship. 



    Travelling round-trip from Dublin, first you’ll journey to Iceland with its patchwork of glaciers, peaceful blue seas, and soaring mountains. Wild, untamed, and so dramatic that you’ll be doing constant double-takes, Iceland is like nowhere else. Spiky, volcanic rocks, creaking glaciers, vast beaches and tumbling waterfalls at every turn are only the beginning. You’ll visit eccentric museums, learn why locals still believe in elves and if you’re adventurous, taste fermented shark. Iceland is surprisingly large, with more than 4,800 kilometres of fjord-indented coast and one of the world’s lowest population densities. As such, you’ll have made a good decision to explore by ship, as getting from one tiny coastal hamlet to another by road can take a long time.

    You’ll sail on to the far north of Scotland to discover uninhabited islands, see colonies of rare seabirds such as puffins and dine on delicious local cuisine. Some voyages head round the top of Scotland, to Orkney, travelling even further back in time, to visit the Neolithic village of Skara Brae and the Ring of Brodgar, a circle of standing stones that’s been here for more than 5,000 years. These lands are rich in culture, history and tradition, and a Silversea Expedition voyage complete with a team of expert guides and zodiac cruising experiences is guaranteed to fully immerse you in the region.


    When you step aboard Silver Wind you’ll experience the epitome of Italian luxury whilst enjoying the expeditionary excellence for which Silversea Expeditions is renowned. With just 274-guests, beautiful all-suite accommodation and spacious public areas, Silver Wind offers a timelessly elegant yet luxuriously relaxed ambience ready to journey with you into the majestic fjords and treasured isles of northern Europe.


    Silversea offers an incredible choice of Northern Europe and British Isles expedition voyages sailing between May and August 2025. Ask your personal travel manager about a luxury cruise to suit you.


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