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    Family Beach Holidays

    Family Beach Holidays

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    When it comes to overseas family beach holidays, the early bird definitely gets the worm: better availability means more choice – in travel dates, flight times, properties and room types. Here are some tips to get you started.

    How far you’re willing to travel may be coloured by the age of your children, and how well they cope with getting to a destination. Generally speaking, the younger the child, the less time you’re going to want to spend in transit (although teenagers are just as likely to revert to “are we there yet” if the journey is too tedious). The Pacific Islands are a great option for families with younger children, whilst Hawaii and South East Asia are quite achievable for older kids. Consider flight timings as well as duration, as some kids are happy to sleep through a night flight while others cope better on a day flight when they can while away the hours watching movies or playing games.

    Once again, travel time comes into consideration: when you leave the airport, do you need to get to your final destination as quickly as possible or can the kids handle a further journey leg such as a boat trip or a secondary flight. Depending on how long you’ve already been travelling at this point, and how much further you’ve got to go, you might want to consider breaking the journey along the way. For example if you’re heading to Hawaii, a night or two in Waikiki gives everyone a chance to catch up on their sleep before continuing to one of the other islands.

    If you want to try somewhere a little different this year, ask your personal travel manager for recommendations that will suit your family. If you’ve already been to Fiji but you like the short flying time and laid-back South Pacific vibe, consider Rarotonga or Samoa. If you’ve had enough of Bali but you love the food and culture, why not try Malaysia’s Langkawi or Koh Lanta in Thailand. If you’ve got older kids who are looking for a little more action in their holiday, why not make 2018 the year they experience Disneyland? Huntington and Newport Beaches are just a half-hour drive away so the whole family can enjoy a balance between adventure and relaxation.

    There are decisions to be made when it comes to choosing your accommodation too: do you need kitchen facilities, do you want the kids to sleep in a separate bedroom, do you want to be on a high floor for the view or on the ground floor for safety, do you want to be near the pool or the beach, do you need room service, kids’ club and babysitting?

    If you want your family to try somewhere new, contact your personal travel manager here who will help you work through all the options and find the best option to suit your family’s specific needs.


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