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    Why fly business class?

    Why fly business class?

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    Upgrading your airfare to from economy to business class represents a significant investment, but there are plenty of benefits to doing so if you can afford the extra expense. Here are some of our favourite reasons to splash out and spoil yourself.

    Skip the queues

    Your business class experience actually begins before you’ve even left the airport, with a priority check-in service that allows you to focus on more important things like duty-free shopping. Airlines also usually offer priority boarding so there’s no prolonged waits in crowded boarding lounges, and when it’s time to disembark, you’ll be off the plane and collecting your prioritised luggage when everyone else is still waiting to retrieve their belongings from the overhead bins. That means you’ll also get a head start on the customs queue, so your holiday can start sooner.

    Extra luggage allowance

    Business class tickets come with a generous luggage allowance – how you choose to use it is up to you. This comes in handy if your destination is in the middle of a European winter, as you’ll have plenty of suitcase space for boots, coats, gloves and scarves. And even if you’re headed for a summer destination or prefer to travel light, you can shop up a storm, knowing that you have plenty of luggage space to bring it all home.

    Lounge access

    When you’ve completed your check-in formalities and done your pre-flight shopping, you can head for the business class lounge, help yourself to a drink and settle in with a magazine to await your boarding call in comfort. And if your journey involves more than one flight, you can freshen up with a shower, make yourself a nice cup of tea and stretch your legs, knowing that you’ve got another blissfully comfortable flight ahead of you.

    A good night’s sleep

    For many people, this is the game-changer. Having plenty of sleep is one of the key ingredients for reaching your destination feeling like you’re ready to hit the ground running. Change into a cosy pair of pyjamas, recline that seat all the way back, tuck up under a comfy blanket with as many pillows as you desire, pull down that eye mask and settle in for some solid zzz.

    Fabulous food

    Forget just “chicken or fish” – airlines constantly strive to outdo each other in their business- and first-class meal offerings, with a range of options that showcase the best and freshest food choices. Some airlines even offer a ‘chef on call’ service, which allows you to choose your meal from a specially-prepared menu in advance.

    It may be a once-in-a-lifetime, special occasion treat or you may consider business class travel to be an essential component of your travel wellness – either way, you’re sure to find it’s well worth the extra cost. Ask your personal travel manager for details.



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