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    How to have a digital detox holiday

    How to have a digital detox holiday

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    Living in a digital world means enjoying all manner of conveniences when it comes to travel – from working remotely with a poolside mojito in hand to receiving flight updates in your Uber en route to the airport. But what about those times when you want to escape from the demands of your everyday life? These are some of our favourite digital detox holiday ideas for restoring that work-life balance.

    Go wild

    Escaping into nature is a highly effective way of hitting the reset button, whether you’re glamping in a yurt in Zion National Park or soaking in an outdoor bath in Kenya’s Masai Mara. Of course, ditching the devices doesn’t have to mean roughing it – you can still have your Egyptian cotton sheets and room service breakfasts if that’s what you need in order to truly unwind.

    Some of the world’s most incredible accommodations can be found in some of the world’s most remote locations: a glass igloo in a snowy Finnish forest, a lodge on the shores of a New Zealand fiord or a luxury expedition cruise in Antarctica.

    <em>Glamping in a yurt in Zion National Park</em>

    Glamping in a yurt in Zion National Park

    Be cast away

    A secluded island escape doesn’t necessarily require the growing of a beard or a complete lack of human interaction à la Tom Hanks. But if a holiday constructed entirely of sun-soaked days and frangipani-scented nights – in which your most difficult task is delaying nap time in favour of a languid swim – sounds like the ideal motivation to ditch the devices, then there’s an island escape to suit your timeframe and budget.

    The fact that all that quiet time comes with a side order of snorkelling in Seychelles, whale-watching in the Whitsundays or kayaking in Korcula is really just the icing on top.

    <em>Snorkeling in Seychelles</em>

    Snorkeling in Seychelles

    Haunt a castle

    Whilst we have not yet found a way to transport you back to a time before digital technology was a thing, we can suggest the next best thing: to immerse yourself in a setting that is oh-so-analog. We can think of few better places in which to disconnect from your tech than a fairy-tale French château, a peaceful Polish palac, a stately schloss in the Rhine Valley or a grand estate in the Scottish Borders – whether it’s for your entire holiday or just a few special nights.

    Just try to resist the temptation to share your experiences on social media until you get home!

    Lose yourself in a book

    There is another way to travel into a different time or world: through the pages of a great book. These stolen moments of escapism are even better when your own setting is a beach in the Bahamas, a Shinkansen (bullet train) speeding across Japan or a bench in New York’s Central Park. It’s all about unplugging from your devices to recharge your mental wellbeing.

    A treasured book could form the inspiration for a holiday that retraces the steps of a beloved character or visits the locations that inspired your favourite author. May we suggest riding Scotland’s Jacobite Steam Train (aka the Hogwarts Express) or unravelling the mysteries of the Da Vinci Code on a whirlwind tour of Paris?

    Go well

    Sometimes the best of intentions require a gentle shove to become reality – we suggest choosing a destination that specialises in digital detox holidays. Within the realm of wellness retreats, you could learn to surf on an Indonesian island, take up yoga and meditation at an ashram in India, or learn to cook the perfect pasta at a hilltop Tuscan villa. By choosing something that intrigues or excites you, you’re ensured that your experience will be enriching rather than constricting.

    <em>Surfing in Bali, Indonesia</em>

    Surfing in Bali, Indonesia

    These days it can be tricky to find destinations that don’t offer 24/7 connectivity, so it’s essential to set and maintain our own boundaries by turning off devices and immersing ourselves in our surroundings – after all, isn’t that what we love most about travel?


    Talk to your personal travel manager about booking your digital detox holiday.


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