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    What to pack for a beach holiday

    What to pack for a beach holiday

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    So you’re soon heading off to somewhere warm and sunny and it’s time to pack. Aside from the usual items that travel with you everywhere you go (such as chargers for your electronic devices, adapters, toiletries etc.), with years’ of travel experience our personal travel managers have come up with a few items you may not have considered. And we think you’ll thank us for when you head off on your next beach holiday.

    1. A List. Have you made a list? Remember that teacher who delighted in reminding you regularly that “failing to plan means planning to fail”? Well, they did have a point. No matter how many times you’ve packed your bag, it’s easy to forget that a vital item, and you’ll spend the entire holiday ruing its absence. Spend five minutes writing a list of everything you think you’ll need for your holiday, and keep it somewhere handy so you can add to it when you think of things. There are loads of smartphone apps available for creating checklists and ticking things off: a process that is surprisingly satisfying, and you’re less likely to experience one of those “oh no” moments.
    1. Sensible shoes. Flip flops are great: comfy, cool, casual, perfect beach holiday foot attire. But avoid the temptation to take nothing else. Reef shoes are a must in many tropical destinations in order to avoid nasty coral cuts and run-ins with other nasties, whilst a pair of trainers will come in handy for enterprises including but not limited to: driving a scooter, riding a bike, playing golf or just going for an early morning walk. You may have no intention of going near rocky and/or jungle terrain, but when the locals tell you about an off-the-beaten-track waterfall/swimming hole/blowhole, you’ll be glad you packed your runners.
    1. A book. This may be the age of electronics, but smart devices have an irritating tendency to go flat at the most inopportune moments, so it’s a good idea to have an old-school back-up plan. Lots of hotels and resorts operate a revolving-door library, where you can swap the book you’ve just finished for another that someone else has left. You never know what you might find: there’s no accounting for taste, especially when it comes to holiday fiction.
    1. Insect repellent. Chances are, if you’re going on a beach holiday, you’re going to encounter a bug or two. Aside from the obvious risks attached in some destinations (malaria, dengue fever, et al), you’ll enjoy your holiday a lot more if you’re not itchy. Prevention is better than cure, so as well as a good repellent spray or lotion, be sure to pack some lightweight clothes that will keep you covered up in the evenings. And because it’s a good idea to be prepared for all outcomes, a good anti-histamine cream or other soothing lotion is a must-pack item too.
    1. Be sun smart. You may be hoping to come home from your holiday with an enviable tan, but take it easy, and protect yourself from sun damage and heat stroke. A good-quality, water-resistant sunscreen is an obvious inclusion, but don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and rash top too. If you’re snorkelling, apply plenty of sunscreen at the top of your legs, as this is an area that is easily forgotten and particularly vulnerable to sunburn. A lightweight, cotton cover up or shirt is a great option to have on hand too, whether it’s to cover up against the sun or just to grab some lunch in the poolside restaurant.
    1. It’s a wrap. A lightweight scarf takes care of a multitude of scenarios, whether it’s making your outfit more culturally sensitive (covering arms, shoulders and even your head when entering a sacred site) or channelling your inner Grace Kelly and using it as a head scarf on a wind-whipped car, boat or Vespa ride. In many beach destinations you’ll find brightly coloured sarongs/wraps/pareus/lava-lavas that make handy cover-ups, beach towels, picnic blankets or curtains, plus they double up as a great souvenir of your holiday.
    1. Bits and bobs. Take a lightweight bag that will fold down to almost nothing in your suitcase. You can use it as a beach bag, take it to the local market to use as a shopping bag, or just use it to keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones in your suitcase on the way home.  A tube of laundry detergent may not be a particularly glamorous addition to your luggage, but it’s a good way to avoid paying to launder a few undergarments, plus it means you can take fewer clothes, leaving more room in the suitcase for holiday purchases.  A well-equipped first aid kit should include the aforementioned insect bite salve, as well as a good antiseptic cream, a selection of plasters, a needle for extracting prickly things, and some antiseptic wipes and/or tissues. Actually, those antiseptic wipes have a myriad of uses, from cleaning grubby, sticky fingers before (and after) meals to wiping down questionable bus/toilet seats.

    So that’s it. Add these items to your checklist, and remember to ask your personal travel manager what item they can’t be without when they travel too.

    So that’s it. Add these items to your checklist, and remember to ask your personal travel manager what item they can’t be without when they travel too.


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