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    Staying connected while on the road

    Staying connected while on the road

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    Staying in touch with family and friends in different time zones can be tough, especially when on the go and travelling for work. A personal travel manager can help you navigate the best ways to stay connected, ensuring you stay in touch and productive no matter what time zone you’re in.

    Wi-Fi Finder

    Travellers never need worry again about not finding a Wi-Fi connection on the go. The free Wi-Fi Finder app helps travellers pinpoint the nearest free or paid Wi-Fi hotspot online or offline. Business travellers can save time by filtering results by location and receiving directions to the nearest hotspot, with the app even having the ability to save Wi-Fi locations for later.

    Google+ Hangouts

    Who needs Skype? Google+ Hangouts turns video chatting with friends and family back home into a party. While the very popular Skype allows for one-on-one video chatting, the new Google+ Hangouts app can accommodate up to 10 people. It doesn’t cost any money (you only need to be connected to the internet-Wi-Fi Finder App) and enables travellers to connect with multiple people in different households saving precious time.

    Perfect World Clock

    Need to keep track of different time zones? Perfect World Clock is the ideal tool for the frequent traveller jumping from different time zones. This app shows current dates and times for places all over the world, saving travellers from making the dreaded mistake of calling a loved one in the middle of the night.


    Finding an affordable mobile service in a foreign place can be a challenge. Long distance calls and sending international texts can quickly add up, resulting in a scary bill once home. Viber is a great free app enabling travellers to send free messages and calls to other Viber users, on any device and in any country. There is no need to register or add contacts with the app automatically linking to your phone contacts after downloading.


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