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    Staying Fit While Travelling for Work

    Staying Fit While Travelling for Work

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    Balancing work demands with exercise can be a constant struggle when on the go, especially with normal fitness routines pushed aside to squeeze in pressing phone calls and emails in-between meetings. While the idea of fitting in a pre-dawn work-out on the occasional morning might be feasible for some, staying fit while travelling for work can often be the biggest challenge for today’s business traveller.

    However, with a little self-discipline and planning, you can stay fit and healthy no matter what time zone your ‘9 to 5’ takes you. We’ve put together some top tips for staying trim and terrific while travelling, but if you need a little extra help while on the run, make sure you contact one of our corporate personal travel managers to make life a little bit easier.

    1. Work smarter, not harder

    Make the most of your surroundings and take the stairs not the lift. Walk around outside when checking your voicemails or use the breaks in-between conference sessions to stand up and stretch. When it comes to calories, the best approach is to treat business trips as if you were still at home, so instead of dining out on lavish lunches and alcohol, stick to a salad and a refreshing juice.

    1. Hotel room come personal gym    

    Ditch the tired excuse of not having any exercise equipment to workout with when travelling and get creative by turning your hotel room into a makeshift gym. Use your bedroom chair as a bench for sitting squats and turn your bed into a press-up beam.

    You can also use the floor for Pilates or Yoga stretches – there are many great apps that will help you DIY into tree-pose. If you need some extra weight, add some clothes to your suitcase for bear hug squats, side-to-side and overhead presses or rolling lunges. You can also request your personal travel manager only books you in hotels that are equipped with a gym (where possible!).

    1. Get to know the area around your hotel

    While you might not have time to sightsee extensively, couple a little bit of new-city exploration with exercise by taking a walk around the hotel’s local area. You’ll soon forget you’re meant to be breaking a sweat as you enjoy learning about the locals, and you may even stumble across something new and surprising, like a great café that you’d like to try out for breakfast the next day. For runners, some hotels even have purpose designed running route maps, such as the Swissotel in Singapore.


    Talk to your local, personal travel manager about organising a trip which will best suit your exercise goals http://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm-search/


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