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    Taking corporate travel into the digital age

    Taking corporate travel into the digital age

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    A personal travel manager is the best way to enable a healthy work life balance and peace of mind for busy corporate travellers.

    1. SpareOne Mobile Phone

    Losing or damaging a phone while travelling can become an enormous inconvenience, so we highly recommend carrying a back up phone while travelling. Thankfully for business travellers SpareOne Plus, an emergency phone service, is available. The phones operate off AA batteries and only require a local sim card to start working. A great tool for a business traveller who can’t afford to be without a phone.

    2. Martian Voice Command Watch

    The Martian Voice Command Watch combines style and high-tech features to create a product with James Bond class and technology. This unique gadget synchronises to your phone via bluetooth so you can talk and text hands-free when you’re on the go. The watch will also notify you of any notifications or messages that come through your phone – a great tool to use while sitting through business meetings.

     3. Expensify

    As a frequent traveller it can become tricky to keep a track of all the expenses that pile up while moving from boardroom to boardroom and conference to conference. Expensify is a smartphone app designed to sync all of your credit and debit cards, tracking each expense as you go. The app becomes a virtual accountant with the functionality to scan receipts from cash transactions too. Expensify makes it easy to get the expenses report in so a business traveller can spend their home time with the ones they love – not the expenses form.

    4. FlightTrack Pro

    FlightTrack Pro coordinates your flights and automatically syncs your itineraries, a fantastic system to monitor delays or cancellations. The app notifys you immediately about any delays and will find alternate flights in a tap. It also takes the hassle out of tracking your luggage. Upon arrival at your destination airport ,the app provides a map of the terminal and baggage information so you know exactly where to pick up your bag,

    5.  Powerbag Rolling Office Case

    In a time of never ending technological dependence, having a device run out of power can feel like societal excommunication. Thankfully a new product has emerged to ensure the business traveller is never kept out of the loop. The Powerbag has a built in charging system in the suitcase to allow travellers to charge their favourite devices while on the go. The Powerbag has enough power to charge a smartphone four times over. Aside from the technological advantage, the bag is extremely portable and simple to roll around airport terminals.


    Talk to your local, personal travel manager about ways to make your travel less stressful http://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm-search/


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