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    Things you need to pack for your next holiday

    Things you need to pack for your next holiday

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    Packing adds to our excitement and anticipation of that much-deserved break creeping ever closer. But the downside is that we inevitably either pack too much or not the right stuff. In many ways holiday packing comes down to the art of what not to pack. So here is a brief guide to avoid packing pitfalls.

    Tips for packing for a warm climate destination

    When packing for a coastal holiday our top tip would be to pack only one swimsuit. We’ve all fallen into the trap of visualising ourselves showing off our collection of togs for each day of our beach holiday and unless you’re Beyoncé under the prying gaze of the paparazzi lens, it’s really not necessary if you’re trying to save space in your bag.

    This same rule applies to evening wear. Unless you have multiple functions to attend on your holiday, you will probably only need one after-five outfit on a laid-back beach or coastal holiday.

    And remember to always keep that helpful adage in mind while packing – less is more!

    Tips for packing for a cold climate destination

    You don’t need to pack more than one warm coat, so pick one that is the easiest to match with other clothes. If you are travelling for an extended period of time it’s likely you’ll buy some new gear anyway.

    Invest in some good quality thermal tops and undergarments. In cold climates they are a godsend, as they will keep your bag less bulky, while still keeping you very warm.

    You don’t need to accessorise and coordinate scarves, gloves and beanies with every outfit, just pack one good set in a neutral colour and go with that.

    Again, limit shoes to about two pairs – boots, sports shoe and maybe one pair of dress shoes. Comfort is always key here.

     Three ‘must packs’ for any holiday

    1. Small first aid / medicine bag – pack some basic first aid supplies including headache tablets, hay fever tablets, band aids, sunscreen and aloe vera, insect bite cream and a muscle heat cream.
    2. ‘Offline’ entertainment, including books and magazines
    3. Essential grooming equipment – sometimes hotel hairdryers, shavers and shampoos just don’t cut it!

    Edit, edit, edit!

    Finally, once you feel you have packed everything you need, check over your selection and edit! Reduce your bag weight by weeding out as much stuff as you can till you’ve whittled it down to the necessities. We promise, you will thank yourself for it.


    Contact your local, personal travel manager who will tell you what necessities to pack on your next trip http://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm-search/


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