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    Tips to deal with the change of seasons

    Tips to deal with the change of seasons

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    Change from winter to summer climates can become a gruelling experience for the corporate traveller. The constant shift from warm weather to cold rain and even snow can cause havoc to sleep patterns and overall health. Thankfully there are a number of tips and tricks for the corporate traveller that makes the constant climate swaps much easier. A personal travel manager can share some tips and tricks with frequent flyers to make the journey a little more bearable.

    Layers are the trick to enjoying yourself no matter what season it is in your destination. Be sure to pack thin long-sleeve tops and t-shirts as they can easily be worn underneath suits and on casual days in the colder climates. When heading from a cold climate into summer only pack one jacket to aid you on the plane. You can never go wrong with a light leather jacket that can be worn on top of clothes in winter and still worn when travelling to a summer climate for cooler days and nights. Great items to have for extra warmth are tights, leggings and knee-high socks. They can be worn under clothes especially when travelling from summer to winter. A compact umbrella that can easily fit in your luggage or day-bag is essential when travelling in-between seasons.  Always be prepared for spontaneous showers – not just in winter.

    Stick to your diet
    Veering off track from your diet especially when travelling between seasons can make you become tired and, potentially grumpy. Keeping track of your diet between flights can help you avoid this and get the best out of your travel experience. In flight, avoid alcohol and soft drinks – both can dehydrate you. Water is always your best bet for staying hydrated and sticking to your diet. Packing simple snacks like muesli bars is a one way to keep your diet on track. With the myriad of salty or artificially sweetened snacks available in airport lounges, a muesli bar is a far healthier alternative. Many airports have begun adding more healthy food options to their standard selection of fast food. As tempting as it is, skip those fried foods and look for meals with lots of fibre and vegetables.

    Stock up on vitamins
    One of the biggest problems travellers find, even when seasons change in their own country, is the breakdown of health. Sudden weather changes can often be the cause of annoying head colds. To keep this in check, travellers should build up their immune system a few weeks before they go with daily vitamins such as vitamin C and a multi-vitamin. A daily fresh squeezed juice with lots of fruits and vegetables will also make sure the immune system is impenetrable when they head overseas to the changing weather.


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