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    Tips for choosing an airline

    Tips for choosing an airline

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    Whether it be business travel or a holiday, choosing the right airline is important if you wish to avoid anxiety and stress. Once you confirm your destination with your travel manager and have decided to fly, it is time for you to choose the right airline. Nowadays, there are thousands of airlines in operation – each offering different types of features and services at varying rates. Along with your travel manager, it is easy to find an airline that is going to give you value for money, allow you to be content and comfortable and arrive safely at your destination. Sound hard? It doesn’t have to be. Here are 7 easy tips to consider before booking an airfare.

    1. Value for money

    One of the main things people look for when booking an airfare is value for money. Ultimately, people want to get as much as they can for as little as they can. So, when choosing an airline, use your travel manager to help you find the best deal. Using a personal travel manager is beneficial as they know how to get a good deal so that you aren’t stuck with a bunch of hidden extra costs once you arrive at the airport. If there is a 15 hour flight with a 3 hour stopover for the same price as a 12 hour direct flight, chose the direct, more convenient option and avoid the hassle of a stopover, getting more value for what you pay for.

    2. Make a note of fees

    Smaller airlines, especially budget ones, may have different baggage allowances and fees than larger and better known carriers. If you’re planning a multi-airline itinerary, it is essential that you pay attention to those fees for each separate leg of the trip. It might be easier to consult a travel manager to look after this and plan your itinerary for you, as you don’t want to book an airfare thinking you got a great deal, and then show up to the airport and have to fork out an overpriced baggage fee because you didn’t read the fine print. And you most definitely do not want this to happen on multiple occasions. Reading and making note of fees can be time-consuming and tedious, but when it comes down to it, it can save you a lot of money that could be better spent on enjoying your holiday.

    3. Ignore the forums

    Don’t read forums for good advice on airlines. People on forums tend to draw wild conclusions from single events, which can often be exaggerated or possibly even untrue. Every airline has made mistakes, and you need to do your research properly and make your own assumption as to whether the airline is suitable for you and your travel needs.

    4. Remain flexible

    Keep your travel dates flexible as best you can for extra discounts. If you can keep your travel dates flexible, you may be subject to a price reduction, and many travel agents are able to find great deals if you remain flexible. By flexible travel dates, I mean that if you can fly before or after your intended date of travel, you can get even better discounts from some online travel companies. Many flight search engines have the option ‘Must travel on these dates’ or ‘My dates are flexible’, and often, by choosing the flexible option, you can be privy to a substantial discount. This may not happen every time, but in some circumstances you may be lucky enough to snap up a travel bargain!

    5. Compare different travel sites

    Many travel sites claim to have the best deals on travel, whether it be flights, accommodation or overall travel packages. In order to get the best deal with a great airline, compare different travel websites as prices may vary. Some websites also even claim that if you find a better price on the same flight, they will beat it, and who can really argue with that? If you don’t have time to spend consulting a million different travel sits, consult a travel manager who will gladly do all the work for you, and no doubt be able to find you a great deal!

    6.Compare seats

    If you’re trying to decide between two airlines that both have prices you are happy with, but you cannot distinguish one from the other, you can easily see which one has more comfortable seats, better food and in-flight entertainment just by looking on their website. That way you don’t get stuck on an airline with limited leg room and no in-flight entertainment for the same price as an airline with complimentary snacks and a vast array of movies on show.

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