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    7 top tips for travelling with children

    7 top tips for travelling with children

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    Travelling with children can be amazing fun. It’s all about preparation and research. Take a little extra time to plan and you will have everyone smiling.

    1. Holiday Projects
    Before you go, start doing some holiday related projects. Look at maps, pictures of animals, plants and learn about the history of your destination. If the food is different, research some dishes and get cooking with the kids.

    2. Airline comfort
    Cabin air is low in humidity which can cause mild dehydration and dry nostrils so get your children to drink regularly when flying. If you find one of your children has a runny nose, wet the insides of their nostrils with a finger dipped in water. It’s a bit gross but it works. For painful sinuses, massage your child’s ears from behind and give the earlobes a few gentle tugs from time to time. It’s also good for toddlers to suck on something during take off and landing.

    3. Family travel/discount passes
    There are plenty of family deals all over the world. Sometimes the family travel deals reduce the costs of ordinary tickets so much that its worth buying these even if you don’t have a family. Your Personal Travel Manager can help you with finding these great deals.

    4. Hand held carry cots
    Don’t leave home without one. These can often double up as a bed which you may just need as some hotels don’t have appropriate bedding for babies, so be safe and bring your own. The detachable cover is perfect for shading out harsh airport lights as well as sun and bugs.

    5. Keep a journal
    Encourage your child to keep a journal. They can draw and list things they see and eat; collect ticket stubs and labels to stick in. If free maps of places you visit are available, get extras for the children to stick into their books, and help them circle the places you’ve seen. If you’re encountering different languages, put in lists of new words and add more as they learn one set.

    6. Collect memories
    Collect memories of your trip. They can collect postcards, magnets, badges or even model cars. This is a great way to preserve your experiences in a memorable way.

    7. Seek out local toys
    No doubt you’ll have no arguments from your children about collecting local toys. They are great novelty value, worth seeking out, and make great gifts to take home.

    For more travel tips or to start planning your next family adventure, talk to your personal travel manager or find one here.


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