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    Top Tips for a Cycling Holiday

    Top Tips for a Cycling Holiday

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    TravelManagers Australia’s social media and digital marketing executive, Alison O’Loughlin, has cycled across Cuba and through Vietnam and picked up some very handy tips along the way.

    To investigate a cycling tour of your own, get on your bike and contact one of our personal travel managers today.

    Invest in cycling shorts – your bottom will thank you!

    No matter how seasoned a cyclist you are, you’ll know that the long hours in the saddle are made more comfortable with a bit of padding. Cycle shorts may not look terribly attractive, but they’ll certainly save you from being a bit sore the next day after a long ride. Triathlon shorts can be a great investment as they’re designed to be quick drying and are easy to wash, meaning fresh shorts for the next day’s ride.

    Cycling – it’s not just for triathletes

    Even if you haven’t cycled for a few years, well, it’s just like riding a bike! Once you get used to your wheels, you’ll find your confidence returning as the trip goes on. Your guide will make sure that you’re comfortable and there are plenty of stops along the way to fix any issues with your bike, should they arise. If you need a rest along the way, it’s simply a matter of hopping on the support bus and rejoining the ride when you feel up to it.

    Embrace the cycle culture in other countries

    After years of economic embargos and a petrol shortage following the collapse of the Soviet Union, cycling has become the key mode of transport in Cuba. Motorists are used to cyclists being on the road and give them a wide berth when passing. Traffic on some roads is almost non-existent, and even in the cities, it’s nothing like cycling on the roads at home in Australia.

    Outside of Cuba, there are also many European cities where cycling is the preferred method of transport, such as Utrecht in the Netherlands, Seville in Spain and Copenhagen in Denmark.


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