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    6 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Travel Manager

    6 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Travel Manager

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    The past couple of years have been a challenging one for travellers. While some are waiting for their long-awaited journey, others have learned the hard way how doing it yourself can lead to a lot of pain when unexpected events, such as COVID-19, arise. As we navigate our way through this changed world of travel, it becomes even more critical for travellers to make smart decisions so that they book their holidays in a way that protects them from unforeseen circumstances. Engaging the help of a personal travel manager can make all the difference. Here’s why.

    1. What does a personal travel manager do?

    Think of a personal travel manager (PTM for short) along the same lines as a personal accountant, personal trainer, or your go-to hairstylist. Each of these people has an in-depth understanding of your needs and wants, desires and goals. You trust them to apply their expertise within your unique set of parameters and deliver what you want. A personal travel manager works in the same way – incorporating various factors such as your budget, your schedule, and your personal preferences to design a holiday that’s just right for you.

    2. Where can I find a personal travel manager?

    TravelManagers has hundreds of personal travel managers all over Australia, in every state and territory. Since they run their own business from home, they have the resources to be flexible about where and how they work. Being home-based travel consultants doesn’t mean they only work from home though – they can work from just about anywhere, at a time and location that suits you. That means you can plan your French villa stay over morning coffee in your local café or your week-long Balinese escape over a post-work glass of rosé at your kitchen table. If they’re off exploring your next favourite travel destination, or you’re not in the same area they can work with you via phone or email, and many customers have taken to Zoom consultations more recently. You have the freedom to choose your personal travel manager based on their specialties or location, so whether you are looking for an expert on cruising or are looking for your personal travel manager next door, our PTM search tool will recommend the perfect match for you.

    3. What do they know that I don’t?

    There are few things PTMs enjoy more than helping their clients design their dream holidays… one of which is travelling. They’re frequently discovering new destinations and experiences around the world, then coming home to share their expertise with their clients. And when they’re not travelling, they’re talking about travel, sharing ideas and experiences with the wider PTM network, and attending supplier presentations and training days. There’s no doubt that Google knows a lot about the world, but we believe (and we think you’ll agree) that it’s no substitute for first-hand knowledge.

    Want to have a suit hand made in Hoi An? Your personal travel manager can recommend tried and tested local tailors. Want to know which hotel has the best private dining service in Vancouver? They can help with that too. Want to know the best tour operator for hiking the Inca Trail? They’ve got it covered. And if there’s anything your PTM can’t instantly make a recommendation on, they’re supported by hundreds of other PTMs who are ready to help. This means that when you work with one personal travel manager, you’re actually benefitting from the shared knowledge of hundreds of travel professionals.

    Personal Travel Manager, New South Wales | TravelManagers Australia

    New South Wales personal travel managers (from left): Dom Cannon, Lisa Metzl, Natalie Miller

    4. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just book it myself online?

    Ah yes, that old chestnut. As part of the House of Travel Group, we belong to the largest independent travel company in Australasia, which means that we have the buying power to access exclusive travel deals for our clients only. Our PTMs can offer all sorts of little extras such as food and beverage credits, exclusive discounts, free nights and flexible cancellation policies, plus they have the inside track when early bird and special deals are released, so they can potentially save you even more.

    What’s more, as fans of any home renovation TV shows can testify, ‘doing it yourself’ brings with it a significant potential for unexpected consequences. We like to focus on value – while you may sometimes find a comparable price elsewhere, or what appears to be the same price, there’s a good chance you won’t be comparing apples with apples.

    Ask yourself who has greater buying power: (a) Joe and Jo Bloggs, equipped with nothing more than a laptop and a heavy Googling habit, or (b) hundreds of travel professionals with strong preferred supplier relationships all over the globe? If you chose (b), you’re catching on.

    5. Is my money safe with a personal travel manager?

    We’re glad you asked. TravelManagers has the strongest consumer financial protection in the Australian travel industry. That means your money will enjoy multiple layers of security to protect you in the unfortunate event that a third-party supplier suffers financial collapse. If you’re interested in learning more about our ‘Peace of Mind’ guarantee, take a look here.

    6. What else do I need to know about personal travel managers?

    Our PTMs have an average of 20 years of experience in the travel industry, and many of them practice in specialist fields, from group touring and river cruising to skiing and safaris. That means regardless of your motivation for travelling, there’s a personal travel manager to suit your needs. And because they have the means to work from anywhere, the right PTM doesn’t even need to be in the same location as you. Head on over here and find yourself a PTM that’s a great match for you – you can search by location or by intended destination or special interest.

    Many of our clients return to their personal travel managers time after time, year after year, holiday after holiday; and our PTMs value those relationships immensely. As dyed-in-the-wool travel fanatics, they love hearing about their clients’ holiday experiences just as much as they love having their own, and they will bend over backwards to provide all possible assistance should you need it while you’re travelling. Just ask their customers. Rather than a short-lived, transactional relationship with a faceless website, planning your holiday with a personal travel manager will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


    You deserve a personal travel manager. Find yours via our PTM search tool here.


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