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    A new perspective on home – the future of space travel is here

    A new perspective on home – the future of space travel is here

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    To gaze upon Earth from space – to take in the breath-taking views and its vivid colours – is an unforgettable spectacle that astronauts call life-altering.

    Space Perspective is the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience company, inviting more people than ever before to experience a thrilling new perspective that only space can provide.

    Escorted to the edge of space inside Spaceship Neptune’s pressurised capsule propelled by a high-performance SpaceBalloon™, the ultra-comfortable, accessible, and gentle six-hour journey redefines what space and wonder travel means for the modern traveller.

    About Space Perspective

    The team at Space Perspective are passionate about fundamentally changing the way people access space – both to perform much-needed research to benefit life on Earth and to affect how we view and connect with our planet. Today, it is more crucial than ever to see Earth as an interconnected planet, a spaceship for all humanity and our global biosphere.

    This expanded view of our world is the life-transforming perspective astronauts speak of when they see Earth in space.


    Adventure, higher purpose, and new perspectives: these objectives are calling us to space. No other endeavour is more thrilling, and more meaningful to Space Perspective than making space travel safe and accessible to humankind, offering awe and wonder to those who have always wished they could reach the stars. At this unique moment in history, it is in our grasp.

    Space Perspective has the momentum, and the tools at hand, to offer diverse explorers worldwide the experience of a lifetime. They see the chance to shift space travel; instead of rocketing away from the Earth at high velocity, it’s a turn towards the planet on a gentle and elegant journey, viewing our planet from a new perspective. The end result is a transformative experience of seeing our planet from space, feeling the life- and perspective-changing emotions that pioneering astronauts before them have felt.

    “Spending hours at the window watching Earth, our Space Explorers will have the quintessential astronaut experience.” – Jane Poynter, Founder & Co-CEO of Space Perspective

    Changing the face of space travel

    No rockets. No g-forces. A reimagined spaceflight experience.

    Instead of rocketing away from the Earth at high velocity, the zero-emissions spacecraft, Spaceship Neptune, is re-writing the engineering playbook. Propelled by a SpaceBalloon™, you ascend on a gentle yet thrilling journey, to look back at our planet from an entirely new perspective. Your voyage on Spaceship Neptune is safe and comfortable, with minimal physical requirements and as simple as boarding an airplane. This opens space travel to more people than ever before.

    A missions built on experience and expertise

    Space Perspective ensures safety by applying flight technology used for decades by NASA and other government entities around the globe. Our hand-picked team has implemented every human SpaceBalloon™ flight in the past 50 years.

    Because Space Perspective can perform tests without a pilot, it has the most extensive testing program of any human space flight company. The capsule remains connected to the primary flight system, the SpaceBalloon™, the entire flight. This is unlike any other spacecraft, offering an inherently safe flight. It can safely land the spaceship at any time during the flight, and has been flown successfully thousands of times.

    Quintessential astronaut experience

    Astronauts exclaim that the multifaceted, transformative experience of seeing Earth and the blue line of our atmosphere from space is stunningly beautiful, deeply compelling, and profoundly moving. The accessibility of Spaceship Neptune opens space travel, offering our Explorers the same astonishing opportunity as astronauts: to gaze out at the cosmos and down on our home, experiencing the wonder-filled expansion of human consciousness.

    Connection culture

    Providing unprecedented access to space and an enriching experience for humanity that only such a profound view of Earth can impart, Space Explorers are invited to share in the awe with fellow travellers and impart the wonder of it all to family and friends. It’s an original community of seekers and doers, with opportunities for genuine and lifelong connection.

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    You will rise, floating to the edge of space… until all you feel is wonder. If you are keen to know more or make an enquiry about taking part in this unique travel experience, please visit this page and contact your local personal travel manager.


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