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    8 reasons why Samoa should be your next tropical holiday destination

    8 reasons why Samoa should be your next tropical holiday destination

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    The South Pacific nation of Samoa comprises the two main islands of Upolu and Savai’I, as well as several smaller islands. It has a growing reputation as a low-key slice of tropical paradise where you can really lean into holiday mode by embracing fa’a Samoa (‘the Samoan way’). If you’re looking for a vibrant, fascinating and utterly spectacular destination for your next tropical escape, these are our top reasons why Samoa should be at the top of your list:

    1. Easy accessibility

    Samoa is located about five hours’ direct flight from Australia’s East Coast gateways of Sydney and Brisbane, or you can choose to fly via Nadi or Auckland. Faleolo International Airport is located about 40 kilometres from the capital city of Apia on Upolu, and only a few minutes’ drive from the port of Mulifanua, from which regular ferries depart to Savai’i. During the scenic 60- to 90-minute voyage, you will also pass by two of Samoa’s smaller islands: Manono and Apolima.

    Hiring a rental car or scooter is an easy way to explore the islands at your own pace, and most rental car outlets can endorse your Australian driver’s licence on the spot. In keeping with the ‘island time’ atmosphere, the speed limit is typically 35 miles per hour (56 kilometres per hour) so you can take your time and soak up all that incredible scenery.


    2. Blissful climate

    blissful climate in samoa, another reason to visit

    There’s nothing quite like boarding a flight in the depths of winter, knowing that in just a few hours you’ll be greeted by the balmy warmth of a tropical island. Samoa’s dry season coincides with the depths of the Australian winter, making it a fabulous choice for a winter beach break. Between May and September, you can expect plenty of sunshine and temperatures sitting in the high 20s.

    During the wet season months of November to April, you’ll still enjoy similarly warm conditions, but you can expect a little added drama in the form of intense downpours, especially if you are planning to explore the inland regions of the islands.

    We recommend adapting the Samoan custom of carrying a handmade fan everywhere you go, so that you can whip up a gentle, cooling breeze whenever you feel the need… and/or taking a daily dip in the blissfully warm, clear waters of the Pacific.


    3. Great value for money

    infinity pool cocktails in samoa reasons you should visit

    One of our favourite aspects of a Samoan holiday is that you don’t have to break the bank to have an incredible time. In fact, many of Samoa’s best experiences are free or require a donation of a few tala to the local community for access and/or parking. Whether you’re browsing the daily markets in Apia, attending a Sunday church service, hiking to a spectacular waterfall or lazing on a tranquil beach, there are endless, affordable opportunities to immerse yourself in Samoa’s natural beauty, rich culture and friendly vibes.

    There’s also a wide range of budget-friendly accommodation options to choose from, including self-contained villas and privately-run guest houses. Possibly the most iconic choice is the picturesque charm of an open fale, which are mostly located on Savai’i. They typically consist of an elevated sleeping platform with a thatched roof and roll-down woven blinds, simply furnished with sleeping mats or simple beds, and offering shared bathroom facilities and communal dining. It’s a chance to experience a truly authentic slice of Samoa, which we recommend combining with a resort stay so that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.


    4. Barefoot luxury

    If you’re all about indulgence when it comes to planning your dream beach holiday, Samoa has got you covered. You’ll find a variety of luxury resorts to choose from, each designed to make the most of Samoa’s stunning locations and unique brand of hospitality while delivering maximum levels of pampering.

    You could spend your holiday working through an extensive menu of spa treatments, relaxing on a lounger overlooking a tranquil lagoon with an endless selection of cocktails or lazing on the deck of a deluxe overwater fale, but if you want to venture beyond your luxury resort, Samoa has plenty more indulgence to offer. Take a private tour of Samoa’s most spectacular waterfalls, beaches and swimming holes, enjoy a private dining experience at a top restaurant, shop for handcrafted works of art or experience the chasing an epic catch on a private game-fishing charter.


    5. Food from heaven

    delicious food in samoa

    The cuisine scene in Samoa is all about celebrating the flavours of the Pacific, with a focus on succulent seafood, straight from the ocean, paired with locally grown fresh produce. You’ll find everything from family-friendly open-air pizza joints to mouth-watering fusion cuisine crafted by award-winning chefs.

    Apia’s Fugalei Fresh Produce Market is the place to go if you want to pick up a selection of tropical fruit for your beach picnic, while the city’s fresh fish market is a fascinating seafood lover’s wonderland of freshly caught octopus, tuna, crayfish and masimasi. As you explore the islands, be sure to keep an eye out for roadside stalls selling the ultimate in energy drinks – a freshly opened coconut brimming with delicious, cool coconut water.


    6. Vibrant culture

    fire dance cultural experience in samoa, your next holiday destination

    For many people, the ideal way to get acquainted with a new culture is through its food, and a Samoan fiafia night is the ultimate example of this theory in action. Graceful siva (dance) and thrilling siva afi (fire dance) performances, paired with stirring live music, are complemented by an umukai (feast) of local dishes, many prepared in the traditional earth oven known as an umu. Many hotels and resorts offer their own fiafia nights that showcase the best of Samoan culture, music, dance, storytelling and cuisine – the experience is sure to be one of the highlights of your Samoan holiday.

    A visit to the Samoan Cultural Village on the waterfront in Apia is a must if you are looking for an authentic, hands-on experience of Samoan culture. You’ll learn about traditional Samoan crafts, cooking methods and tattooing (tatau), as well as watching live cultural performances and learning about Samoan architecture, history, myths and customs.

    Samoa’s colonial history offers insights into the significant events and influences that shaped the nation. You can delve into its past by visiting the iconic Robert Louis Stevenson Museum that was the famous Scottish author’s hilltop home in the late nineteenth century.


    7. Breathtaking beaches and serene swimming spots

    snorkelling in samoa, your next holiday escape

    Both Upolu and Savai’i are blessed with an incredible selection of beaches, from the powdery white sands of Lalomanu, Return to Paradise and Manase Beaches to the black volcanic sand and epic surf of Aganoa. Salamumu Beach on Upolu and Matavai Beach on Savai’i are both popular spots for families, with beautiful white sand and clear waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

    The breathtaking To-Sua Ocean Trench is a tranquil swimming hole, surrounded in lush tropical greenery, which is accessed by climbing down a ladder to reach a wooden platform. This fairytale world is connected to the ocean by an underground cavern, and it’s a magical spot to spend a lazy afternoon. If you’re looking for a special location for a freshwater dip, other favourite swimming spots include the natural rock pool at the base of Afu Afu waterfall on the south coast of Savai’i, the cool, clear waters of Piula Cave Pool on Upolu and the natural rock slides of Upolu’s Papaseea Sliding Rocks.


    8. Epic landscapes

    As well as its incredible swimming spots, Samoa has plenty of other natural wonders and incredible landscapes to captivate its visitors. Its mountainous interior is a haven for adventurous activities, whether it’s hiking through tropical rainforest to reach the ancient volcano crater that is now peaceful Lake Lanoto’o, or exploring the mysterious depths of Paia Dwarf’s Cave with a local guide.

    Saleaula Lava Field is a stark landscape of solidified lava that was created when Mt Matavanu erupted more than one hundred years ago. Today you can still see the remains of villages and churches that were partially buried by the lava on its journey to the ocean. Venture beneath the waves and you will discover even more surreal landscapes, from the immense molluscs of the Savaia Giant Clam Sanctuary to the spectacular coral gardens of the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve.


    This is just a small selection of the amazing experiences on offer when you choose to say ‘Talofa’ to a holiday in Samoa. For more ideas and inspiration, talk to your personal travel manager.


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